water seeping

Why Fire Emblem (hector) PWNZ me

Chp - Living Legend.

Lyn: Oh god, that guy is in trouble! We have to help him!
Pent: *single-handedly finishes off all the bandits*
Me: Or we could instead, lean back and watch the fireworks.

Chp. Four Fanged Offense

Me: Okay, you guys head up and--
Lloyd: Be prepared to face the Fang! *ATTACKS*
Screen: *next chapter*
Me: Oh FUCK.

Chp. Beast

Me: Surrounded by water, fifty something high-class warriors, mages, pirates, snipers and pegasus knights....
Me: ...*turns off Gameboy* Like HELL I'm doing that right now.

...Thus that brings me back here, trying to work out a damn strategy otherwise I have my ass handed down to me in PIECES.
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I probably shouldn't mock you over this because I have yet to even finish Eliwood's story for myself, but I'm going to mock you anyways. *mock mock*
If you haven't even finished Eliwood's story, I don't have to take your mocking. I finished Eliwood's story TWICE.