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Dear Fandom,

Cloud does not sniffle

Or weep

Or cry

Or start looking for support from other people

Or expect Sephiroth to comfort him.

I should compile a list of what Cloud should never do.

Blushing is one of them.

Also, Sora is not feminine or secretly a girl or secretly in love with Riku or submissive. He got through three games on his own. GIVE HIM SOME CREDIT.

I can't argue for Leon. He has angel wings on his jacket. There are no words for his gay.

Kairi? Is awesome. She will always be more awesome than you. Live with it.

Tifa is also awesome. No need to be jealous.

Axel is not Roxas-obsessed. NO REALLY I R NOT KIDDIN HERE. I could write an essay on Axel's feelings on Roxas. But maybe later.

Also? Zemyx is the crappiest pairing I have ever read.

Write more Lexaeus/Zexion. A pairing that has substantially more canon proof than your wishy-washy fluff!Zemyx pairing.

PS - If you must, at least write them in character which nobody has succeeded in.

No Love,
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Woah, is this a result of accumulated fandom reads, or is it a few particular fics?

But you know, I think Cloud does blush. Okay, not in AC, or KH cuz his character was all messed up to be so emo, but Cloud probably blushed in FF7, in wall market where he crossdressed. And he was even acting all coy. XD

I agree with your point about Axel's feelings towards Roxas and Sora not being a wimp though.
Okay, the crossdressing scene, he probably did splutter, but shy blushes and shojo-behavior is a big no-no. XD

Actually, kind of the culmination of the KH fics. And some FF7 I guess. There are so many ways to prove Axel's feelings. Sure, they hint towards romance, but not obsession. Please.

True. Cloud and shoujo blushes probably don't go together, but OOC-ness is just part and parcel of every fandom, I think. Hell, I'm guilty of it myself. ^^;; But there's still a fine line between cute-adorable shoujo actions that guys can do and wimpy-crappy ones that guys should not even be thinking of doing.

I think Axel just feels very, very deeply for Roxas. It's not neccessarily romance in my opinion, but there's just a very deep and touching emotion Axel holds for Roxas. Definitely not obsession. *shakes head*
For some reason, I don't write blushing characters anymore. Sure, standard part of fandom, but it's CLOUD. It's like saying Xellos blushes. I don't think I ever want to see Xellos blush. >.>

It's so sweet in the game, but somehow the fandom has classified "sweet friendship" for "OMG OBSESSHUN". It's so hard to find well written Axel. D: And I like Axel.
I think blushing is a very normal human reaction... we probably should just not over-write it.

I love Axel too, but yeah, it's pretty hard to find a good portrayal of him in fics. Sometimes, he just becomes so two-dimensional in fics.
I think blushing is a very normal human reaction... we probably should just not over-write it.

I love Axel too, but yeah, it's pretty hard to find a good portrayal of him in fics. Sometimes, he just becomes so two-dimensional in fics.
people write about sephiroth conforting cloud!!!! GASP!!!! *stabs and kills himself*
hmmm...im sure he has blushed....and im sure he has cried...dint he cry in advent children?(or was that rain)....i tot he cried when aries died(not sure never finished the game....got too boring without sephiroth so i kinda got bored....)
Playing FF6 right now!!! GO CLASSICS!!!
and i have no idea who the other chara are...
AND ANGEL WINGS ON JACKET ARE NOT GAY......they are cool....depending on what type of angel wings and what color^^
He has never blushed ever.

He has never cried. Yes, not even when Aeris died.

They were white angel wings. LIKE RINOA.

Coud is not weak. He does not sniffle or cry or have any sort of breakdown but once ina blue moon and when he does by GOD HE HAS ONE HELLUVA REASON. Admittedly, he is short and has a pretty face and going by his FF7 cannon he has a decently traumatic past (which he survived, btw).

But. He. Does. Not. Need. Support. And if he ever did it would be a wet, frosty day in Hell before he'd admit it. Or show it. Or do any such thing about it.

Squeon... is a very strange pile of ice cubes who looks good in leather (on occasion, a reasonably chatty pile of ice cubes but this is only in teh KH-verse) and who often gets hung up on stuff that he should probably learn to live with.

Sora? Perfectly capable of taking care of himself and his friends and the universe at large, thankyouverymuch. If he loves someone, he probably doesn't bother keeping it a secret.

Kairi was annoying, once upon a time. She grew up and she should know take fighting lessons from Tifa so she can properly whup yo' ass.

Tifa? Can already whup yo' ass. :3

Other stuff... I've been tv deprived and thus cannot properly comment.