Storm Hawks fandom is so weird. :/ They never even brought out the Finncest after Infinnity, but they'd come up with that?
I admit to being somewhat picky over pairings with the Dark Ace unless they are done phenomenally well because the Dark Ace's world revolves around-
1) Master cyclonis
2) AERROW!!!11!!!!

I bet he doesn't even KNOW the other Storm Hawks' names.

Actually, they never did! Someone who is not me go rectify this.
Same here. There's just nothing to go on. Like, nothing nothing. I mean, I can ship a fanon pairing out of very little canon evidence, but seriously. There's nothing there.

And you know, I actually think he doesn't. I can't even recall him saying any of the others' names.

I know! It makes me so sad. And uh. Preferably someone who is also not me. :Db
And don't me started on the idea of Aerrow killing Piper out of jealousy. :|

EXACTLY. He probably gives them horrible nicknames in his head.

Well, we'll see. XD
*steals a Zutara fanfic and uses find and replace to swap in Dark Ace and Piper

...Dark Ace takes Katara's place, btw*
*cringes* The paaiiiin~! X_x

Intresting idea that he has (horrible) nicknames for the other SH's. XD I'll have to use that.
You'd THINK so. But apparently Piper was in love with Finn ALL THESE YEARS.

How could I miss something so obvious. I feel so dumb now. Er, I mean.

God, give me one good reason not to strangle them and I swear, I can probably find ten why I should.
When she was going to smash his record, I mean, I was just. HIT BY THE CHEMISTRY. Obviously Finn's music isn't atrocious because she loves him.

Oh wait.


That's a good point (the not accessing CFUD one). So it stands. :|

Please tell me you have a link to this story. I am in desperate need of ENDLESS LULZ.

(I agree with wrytersblock. Wouldn't ... Junko make more sense than Piper? I'm totally biased, though, and I admit it. THEY'RE DATING SHUT UP THEY ARRRRE.)

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Of course I have a link. Your wish is my command

The author's note is the most lulz because she goes on to complain about how BAD Storm Hawks fanfiction is.

(You both are right. >.> What is this Piper madly in love with Finn? HOW COULD I MISS THIS)
THANK YOU. I knew I wasn't the only one who felt like choking something when I first saw that.

Dark Ace/ Just no. At least not until he says her name or something!! I mean, I know there are a lot of pairings to choose from in this series but...WHY?!
I believe that all pairings can be done if done well and in a certain way. Aerrow killing Piper because he was jealous? Definitely not done well and not even believable at all.

That being said, the only decent Dark Ace/Piper I have even seen was done by dragon.faere and she put a certain concept to mind and it worked to a degree.

BUT! Every other instance of this pairing has been badly done, horribly characterized and poor executed. Which is why my gut reaction to this pairing is now "omg haet". I'm usually more sensible that this :|
Hahaha woooooow. I'm kind of... proud of fandom, in a way. It took Harry Potter fans a lot longer to reach this level of WTFery.

May I friend you?
True. For a children's cartoon, Storm Hawks really outdoes itself in so many ways.

Yes, of course! &hearts
...See, all these people are just like, Dark Ace/Piper = IMPOSSIBLE. But that just gives me the terrible, unholy urge to write the situation(s) where it does work. But that could just be because I am a terrible person. He'd totally hit that as a psychological maneuver against Aerrow (or possibly even Cyclonis), man. U RNT PAYIN ENUF ATTENTION 2 ME, IMMA STEEL PIPER D< and all that. It would -so- work.
I have no compulsions against Dark Ace/Piper done WELL and I would totally read it if it was done in a way where it worked.

But the idea that the Dark Ace would KILL Cyclonis to replace her with Piper is just. So many levels of pain and wrong right there.
Well, that's entirely different. General proclamations of dislike of something on concept, or claims that it would never work, get the contrariness whore in me going.

And that second line did not help there. IF, PERCHANCE, THERE WAS AN EVIL PERSONALITY SWITCHING CRYSTAL like what happened in that one episode of Kim Possible where Draken was good and Ron was evil and and and AND PIPER AND CYCLONIS WERE EXPOSED/SWITCHED, TELL ME IT WOULDN'T HAPPEN.

On a different note, Swat Cats icon, yaaaaaay! \o/
To be fair, I'd find it very hard to make this particular concept work because it almost seems that fandom is pairing them for the...well, I don't even know WHY they're being paired. I dunno, it just makes me kinda angry because I haven't really SEEN any decent potrayals of this pairing. Talk Dark Ace/Starling and I would say "Hell yes" because I read this awesome Dark Ace/Starling fic, it was hot, it was well-written and it didn't actually take itself seriously.

I think that's been done. Or Piper somehow became Master Cyclonis.
Yeah, fandom can be stupid sometimes. *sage nod*

Well, good thing you told me. If I didn't know, I'd have continued with the idea until it became almost ridiculous. *somehow resists the urge to continue summarizing the plunny in Badfic Description format*
orz fandom orzzzzzzzz

pfft. See, if you would have done, you would have done it well and in a total crack-ish manner, which is totally acceptable and might actually change my opinion over this pairing.
I've learned to mostly stay on the outskirts and in sane pockets, lest I be tempted to play devil's advocate.

...Well no, actually, I would've taken it completely seriously and worried constantly in the author's notes that it sounded too much like epic n00b fic. Or just gone with the crack summary thing, which still involved too much serious planning on my part and at this rate I'm going to end up typing it in the next comment.
If the fandom wasn't so small, I'd do the same.

aahahahahahaaha. Well, I can't say much there. I'm horribly biased against this pairing.
XD I lucked out in that -my- major fandom is both small and relatively sane. We have so little wank, it's like. ...I don't have a good metaphor there, actually, but I could still try. It's like we're getting laid every night? It has spoiled me for other fandoms.

*blinks for a moment at the screen* Ooohhhh, you meant Dark Ace/Piper, not necessarily "Dark Ace kills Master Cyclonis to replace her with Piper". Gotcha. I was talking about the other thing, see. *uncrosses wires* Anyway, yes, I don't see this pairing working very well except as it pertains to Aerrow (or possibly a different third party, who knows).
Well, so far, Storm Hawks has had no wank either. (But the reception to this post has me wondering...)

Oh. SEE that plot point is interesting and should be done.
I guess DC/MK just started out with more ...tame relationship interpretations, then? (XD Well, it's safe to talk here; we know we're all intelligent and of similar mind, so. I doubt we'd do this in a more public place.)

*dots at you*
I suppose. (and yes, my journal is a safe haven for Storm Hawks fans apparently XD)

Well, it would be! Factoring in mind games, the fact that only Piper is Master cyclonis' equal etc etc.
That, or I just don't venture onto as much as I could. (Yay for sanctuary!)

*dots some more*

*...begins to type*

So liek the storm hawks were gonna go take out Master Cyclonis and stuff, so they went to the Cyclonians super secrte headuqarters and then they all got split up,a nd aErrow was figthing Dark Ace and Starling was fightening Repton and other people were fighting uther people, and so Piper ended up facing off against Master Cyclonis. And it was a really big battle and no one knew what was gonna happen and then all of a sudden, Piperk nocked Master Cyclonis unconscious!!1 SO piper went to this big machine thing, that Cycolins was using to do something evil, and tried to sut it off - only then she founjd out that Cyclonis wasn't really evil, it was the crystal powering it that made her evil!!1! And piper became evil too, and started taking over the Cyclonian bases and stuff, and Dark Ace said to Siclonis, screw you you're too weak and goody-goody nowa and threw her off a cliff, only Aerrow and the others saved her, and now the Cyclonians are beinag lead by Piper and the Dark Ace is backing her up and what's going to happen next?!?!?//12 Plz r/r for more :))))

(Hardly any typos were harmed in the above transcription. The writer feels dirty now.)
You live to do this to me. Admit it. *secretly kinda enjoys it, but shhh, don't tell*
I only read one DA/Piper fic and that's only because I consider it first and foremost to be a Repton fic and he's the one I read it for because I heart him.

I'm not really a fan of any pairing with DA, eh maybe if someone pairs him with Repton but that's quite unlikely