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this is your daily update post thing

  • Springkink is cooooooooming and I haven't even started. WOE IS ME I AM SO DOOMED AUGH
  • I ventured into the Storm Hawks ff.net section. Suffice to say, I came across "consensual rape". I don't think it means what they think it means.
  • I WILL NEVER STOP LAUGHING AT THE SPEED RACER FANDOM. God, the amount of incest fics popping up are ridiculous. The good thing is they're all written pretty well! I am somewhat saddened by the lack of Speed/Trixie though.
  • I rewatched Iron Man and realized that JARVIS/Tony Stark is MY OTP.
  • Cried a bit today. I am a dependent person and more than anything, I want people to be happy because their happiness is my happiness! At the same time, I wonder if I just suddenly vanished, would it make any difference at all? Would I have made a difference to people's life? I get the feeling the truth is a lot harsher than I believe.
  • Quoted Romeo and Juliet at Rufus Shinra. I felt fulfilled about playing Shawn.
  • Doggie slept on my bed with me in the afternoon. It was a nice experience.
  • I watched Secret of NIMH with my dad. I received bad thoughts about Jedda/Justin. Sob my brain.
  • I still love my dad.
  • It's good to note that talking about my grandmother isn't taboo in the house. We can talk about it and not collapse.
  • I need to write more.
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I am a dependent person and more than anything, I want people to be happy because their happiness is my happiness! At the same time, I wonder if I just suddenly vanished, would it make any difference at all? Would I have made a difference to people's life?

I relate to that more than you will every know.
I figured! I know I'm not the only one who feels like this and I'm never sure if it's a bad thing or a good thing, really.
I think it's good that we empathize with people's happiness, but at the same time, we depreciate our own value, if you get what I mean. :( I believe that it's true that everyone has someone to miss them/remember them. And everyone we've encountered has been changed because of our influence, so we have made a difference in their life someway or another.
Also! I almost forgot to tell you this as I thought it was established but it needs repeating: you've definitely made a positive difference in my life and I love you so so much. ♥

PS Go to my journal. :x
Psst. Psst. I love you both. You're both sweet and seeing you guys happy makes me happy and the opposite is true as well. (sad makes me sad)
The het never gets as much fandom attention as the slash. Eveeer.

And re: dependency, I'm sure that you count more than you're giving yourself credit for.
Yes, but it's still astounding for a fandom like Speed Racer.

Thank you honey. I really appreciate that. ♥
Frustrating, and true. Although, there's generally less femslash than anything, which is sad.

Actually this comment is just a setup to drop off this Suzaku/Euphie tag at Tegaki for you :)
Oh my god your naked thread with Rufus is amazing.

I haven't started either. I have two prompts due on the first.

A query, if you will!

What are your thoughts on the aforementioned incest? Just. You know. Out of curiosity.
I certainly don't mind it! I pretty much acknowledge that Speed has a huuuuuuuuuuge man-crush on Racer X the size of Texas. And Racer X's brother complex is probably bigger! I do find some of the depictions of the pairing not quite realistic enough, but most of them pass the bar quite well.
Awesome. XD Now I don't feel so bad about myself for enjoying them.

And isn't that how all fandom is? There's always going to be a few fics that are totally not realistic at all.
Naaaaah, I shipped Racer X/Speed waaaay back in the day when I was young and impressionable. Also the shower scene helped a lot.

Fair enough. Fandom is just amusing me so far. It used to be so tiny. :)
...Yeah, what was with that? XD What was Speed's logic in putting on X's mask?

I understand. XD I think it was more or less the same way with Transformers. As soon as the movie came out, fandom exploded. With slash. XD
Well...the lack of Speed/Trixie fanfics is probably due to the fact the pairing was already well established...and the fact that the movie had a crapload of slashy subtext that is just too irresistible to ignore xD

Dependency: Don't think like that! There will always be people out there who care about you and will definitely be affected if anything ever happened to you! *hugs*
True enough! Established pairings do get less buzz sometimes.

I've never RP'd before but WHATEVER I think I'd like that xD...preferably not atm due to stupid, stupid exams =_=
Well, June 26th is when counselor apps open at campfuckudie AND I WANT A DARK ACE. Just e-mail me at hawkins.virgil at gmail.com to help you set up the app.
....This thread. With Ruffles. I want it.

Also, you're one of my favoritist people and I get really really excited every time you're around on irc and gchat <3
Consensual Rape? What fic was that and which pairing?

I'm curious as to what would constitute consensual rape, was it one of those "'NO!' turns into 'YES! YES! YES!'" fics