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Apologies to all who has to go through my incredible high yesterday. I got a really high fever to the point I kept hallucinating about little girls in kimonos running around my house (...yeah. don't ask)

I'm better now and possibly even better tomorrow since my fever went down a lot today. A big thanks to Booster who sent me a sweet email, Teito and wife who bullied me into bed.
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IT WAS VERY BIZARRE also I had a dream where Kon approved of a marriage between you and me.

...Don't ask.
Little girls in kimonos...that's kinda creepy xP

Anyways, glad you're feeling better! *squeeze*
I love writing you emails~

Mainly it was like "WHY DOESN'T IT FEEL LIKE 3AM...Oh, I haven't seen my Ozling D:"

But ewww fevers are awful and I'm glad you're feeling better and take lots of vitamin C and rest rest rest!
Asdlfkjh DON'T DIE, TOAST. DDDDD: I will likely hafta call a seance to lecture you on getting enough rest to not get a fever. :(
I SEE THAT ICON THAR, don't even think about it, missy. :/ I know someone who knows black magic! :( And I will cry. A lot.
Peachy! Kinda! I dunno, I'm not really in touch with how I am right now. :/ But I will get over it! I think it may be because I'm running low on hugs and laughter. |D;
Omg, yes please. :DDD

But what if I know all the spoilers for the third game but haven't quite finished it yet (ahahahah oman the gay cheeeeeef)?
Kittyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~~~~~~~~~ ♥ I have never felt the loss of my kitty icon as strongly as I do now, asdlkjg kitty~~~
sob the gay chef. Though my favourite bit is Ron DeLite and Desiree.

WATCH MORE OF PSYCH. This latest season has been AMAZINGLY EPIC.
God, throughout that whole case I kept thinking "... this is a really freakin' weird case ♥". But Ronnie and Dessie OTP~~~~ ♥ Spazzy dude-who-can-pass-for-a-girl and his smokin' hot biker wife! I love these games. ♥ It's not terrible that I nearly fell off my chair laughing when Phoenix said he could see Ron snapping and going "Please diiiieeeee", right? XDDDDD Also, who are your OTPs, just wondering?

OGOD, I WILL BE ON THAT WHEN I'M NOT DEAD TIRED OR BUSY, sob. Shaaaawwwwn, I loevses Shawn. ;;b
Mine? Uh, the usual. Mia/Godot, Phoenix/Edgeworth, Ron/Desiree. OH though I kinda love Phoenix/Iris, but nobody else does :( . Oddly though, I don't ship a lot in the PW fandom because. Most of the subtext is like. Blatant context.

Well, I'm sure that after I finish the 3rd game, I'm probably gonna ship Phoenix/Iris. :( I am such a het-shipper, it's kinda weird how much I latched onto Phoenix/Edgeworth. A-and you're right, subtext what subtext? XDDD

One last thing 8D
She is adorable, I wanna pet her and find a nice and loving boyfriend for her who isn't gay for a certain frilly prosecutor. :(b