water seeping

I win.

Landing up at a library two hours before it opens is genius guys.


thank god for the internet.
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YOU'RE FORGETTING WHOSE POST YOU GUYS ARE THREADING IN. Actually you didn't show up that much. BUT THE OTHER DAY I WAS JUST LIKE "GO TO BED". haha. But I'm watching you. ♥
Yeah I... I've been known to listen to door-to-door types for exactly this reason. Then they come back later because I listened.

omg I just watched the english trailer for the Edgeworth game. HE YELLS "EUREKA".
... edgeworth my hero.

He wanted me to give my phone number and I very politely declined.
Granted it was in Japan and I just plain didn't read the info book well enough. So I wasn't there to work. But it was a pretty long train trip for no good reason.