water seeping

some random thoughts of the day

  • Not a secret! I ship giant robots. Also not a secret. I wish fandom could write/art them without having sex on the brain. I MEAN C'MON GUYS. THEY'RE GIANT ROBOTS.
  • I have this urge to app without... idk, a particular setting? I could app at micro but that's a sex rp and I just want to app and play... for kicks! Rather than.... anything else. DOES ANYONE EVER FEEL THAT WAY?
  • Night classes suck.
  • Downloading all of Spectacular Spiderman! I am excited!!
  • I think my words for the When the Levee rises can be summed up like this: ;o;
  • Also I need to put "angel bitch boy" in Dean's interests.
  • Pandora hearts anime I LOVE YOU. I just. I'm so happy with you despite sucky animation. JUST SO HAPPY. The little details that extra bit of Oz making Gil pull the trigger I just. My heart swells. I want to talk more about how the little bits they've added don't mess up the characterisation and the dynamic is there and eeeeeeee I'm so proud.
Man, I have more to say but I'm tired. GJ me.
I'm enjoying it because it has little extra bits that makes me happy like Oz and Break having a mini cake-war and Break dipping a fork in Oz's tea, y'know, little things! The seiryuus, the music, the pacing and direction are pretty good too! Nothing really leaves you bored and I do like what they added to the flower girl bit (it made it more realistic in my eyes). Buuuuut the comm posts up streaming links so you can just stream it.
Actually, so am I! The most I watch per season is... one? I can't even watch two at the same time. CARTOONS HOWEVER I have no problem with.
I FEEL YOU ON THE APPING CHARACTERS THING. I want to play a lot of characters, but just... play them. Without the stress of activity checks and settings and stuff, if that makes sense. This reminds me I still want to app Lottie.

. . . Spectacular Spiderman?

I'm downloading the Pandora Hearts anime, I really loved episode six. BUT YOU ALREADY KNEW THAT.
Spectacular Spiderman is the new Spiderman cartoon and it's supposed to be excellent. I am really looking forward to it.
Comic had uploaded a few of the first episodes on CFO when it started and I watched some briefly. And since someone uploaded it and I'm weak for cartoons, I thought "why not?".
I kind of . . . never notice new cartoons unless people PIMP THEM AT ME ALL DAY11! sob I don't know why I'm so bad at watching/reading stuff.
I totally feel that way sometimes. Not that CFUD isn't great! I always end up coming home to CFUD, 'cause it it my home on the net. But I end up having affairs with games every now and then. Right now I'm in Cape and Cowl (superhero setting) and All My Sees (AU Persona 3/4), and they're a lovely addition to my usual CFUDy stuff.
Yeah, CFUD will always be my forever RP but I like trying out characters I would never play in places where things are... for the lack of a better word, lax?
Lax works! Someplace where it's easier to just pick up a character and run with it for a while. I used to hunt down crappy Yahoo RPGs when I HAD to get my fix playing a particular character. Now I just end up in ... other LJ games? idk, I guess dressing rooms would technically be a better analogue, but I never play in them.
I WILL ADMIT dressing rooms scare the almighty hell out of me. There are too many variations and AUs and girl!characters or boy!characters that it... totally confuses me.
Yeahhh, and no guarantees that the person you like is gonna stick around, if you manage to find a good RP buddy. :( I need a liiiittle more organization.
Do iiiiit. ... I don't remember if C&C has Batgirl open or not, otherwise I'd rec it. It's just fast enough for me to keep interest in it (I fail at slow games), but otherwise less demanding than CFUD, I think.
It's fun! I'm trying to figure out who to app as my second character. Giving a superpower to an anime character who doesn't normally have one is pretty damn hilarious.