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So I have a confession to make.

I have not heard a single Kanye West song ever.

You can all judge me now.

Also Gant's case is the most frustrating lawyer case ever and every time I play I can imagine him snickering at me.

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I do listen to the radio on the way to work, so I may have heard one at some point without realizing it.
I'm not sure I have either?

I didn't even know about him until the whole deal with Taylor Smith. Then I bring it up with my uni friends and they're like, "DUDE! What is wrong with you, you can't even pronounce his name right."

Damn him, his hair and that ridiculously bright orange suit, fffff. :T
I have no idea - my friends keep telling me but I keep forgetting. Also I keep misreading it as "Kayne" which doesn't help. :x
I still say it "Kayne" in my head, though, because I used to read it that way and it stuck.
I've only heard one song by him and that was because he went on to sing live on a show I was watching. You are not aloneeee.

Then someone else covered him ten weeks later and they were a million times better than him.
I feel validated!!

I adore cover songs. Sometimes, I listen to the cover versions first before the originals and THEN I judge.
I've only heard of his name. Can't remember what he sung. 8|;;;

Oh, Gant. I hate it when he claps and laughs at you. :C
You're not missing much. There's only one song from him I really like, and it's more of a religious one and not everyone's cup of tea :|a Otherwise he's a fairly overrated rapper/singer.

He sings religious songs? Really?

I keep wanting to keysmash at him >(

Oooh also honey, I bought a Pokemon shirt today! It was old-school with Red in front of three pokeballs and it said on top "Which".
Just one, and it was a looong time ago, back when I was in high school I think. Which in retrospect was more of a rant aobut WHY DO RAPPERS ONLY SING ABOUT SEX AND DRUGS FFFFFT 8[! from his view. He's kind of nuts. (If you know the show 'Punk'd' that plays pranks on celebs, he kinda went off the hook, stole a film, AND RAN AWAY ON FOOT with the camera crew all " he srsly--!")

Eeeeeeee YAY I've seen that one *_* So cool, I'm saving up to nab a bunch like that.
I am going to disagree with everyone in this post and say Kanye is actually AMAZING (lol he is my default icon). He puts on great shows and is at his best when he collabs with really cool, unexpected (sometimes foreign) artists. He also loves anime and you can really tell. His official "Stronger" music video is a remake of Akira.

Here he is with Daft Punk.

Here he is with the Teriyaki Boyz (embed disabled)

Here he is with Jay Z and Rihanna.

Here he is with Keri Hilson and Ne-Yo (embed disabled)

Here he is with almost every important person in mainstream hip-hop.

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OKAY GOOD. I was like "man if moebot hasn't shown up to provide links yet I'm going to have to and I know I'll miss something good!"
I FELT LIKE I HAD TO STOP THERE before I made this post unloadable so not everything is here.

To anyone reading, "Love Lockdown" is amazing, as well. And if you don't mind explicitly sexual lyrics (the entire song is about blowjobs, but the video is gorgeous and it's worth it to hear Kanye try to rhyme something with "medulla oblongata"), "Make Her Say" is great too (it's him, Kid Cudi, Common, and... Lady Gaga).

"Jesus Walks" is not everyone's cup of tea, but it's very powerful. "Gold Digger" is catchy as fuck, but pretty offensive.
Thanks for the recs! I don't have any real general exposure to popular music (i.e. no situations where I'd be listening to the radio, etc.) and don't really have any idea where to start for genres that are completely unfamiliar to me.
I am sloooowly working on a hip-hop playlist that I'll be posting to my LJ... soon. Ish.

I keep forgetting to do it.
Yeah, I like him too! -- Stronger's in my Top 25, and there are only like, 3 rap songs ever that I like enough to know the lyrics.
A good way to look at Kanye and his ~shenanigans~ is to just pretend he is Kamina from TTGL. He does enough pointing at the sky with stuff exploding behind him, and he really likes sunglasses and CAPS LOCK.

Anyway, I know not everyone likes hip-hop or rap, so it isn't everyone's thing. But if you're interested in mainstream hip-hop, you could do a lot worse than Kanye.

(also, he is dating a lesbian robot)
I listen to his songs by accident. But yeah, you're not missing much. Really.
If it helps, I've never heard any of his songs either. XD Everyone can judge us together~
popping out of the woodwork!!
flkjsdlkj man, disagreeing as well, Kanye is a modern day hip hop legend. a douche, yes, but that's because he's great and he knows it and uses it as license to be a douche!! which whatever, I couldn't care less about personal lives of celebrities, so the fact that he makes good music is all I care about. if hip hop is remotely your thing, I'd say give him a shot (or listen to Jay-Z's new album, Blueprint Three, which he produced and features on). if hip hop is less your thing, his newest album, 808s and Heartbreaks is the least rap-y of all. and I agree with whoever posted Swagger Like Us, which is mind-blowing.

also when I played that case I was convinced Damon Gant was molesting EVERYONE behind the scenes. GAY LAWYER GAME = ♥
I've never heard a Kanye song either, I don't think...

But I also had never heard a Lady Gaga song so.
I think I've only heard one. & then I changed the radio channel.