Okay... not totally true. I suspected most of my "D:" moments in advance. Though the deleted scenes :((

You have no idea how bitter I am that those scenes were deleted. And that they got rid of like half the fucking script. ALL THAT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, LOST!
I don't blame you for being bitter. Because I liked the film but I was like ... there's so much it's missing and I couldn't really put my finger on it. I just had this reaction where I was like THIS IS GOOD WHY IS IT FALLING SHORT OF BEING PERFECT :(

I was honestly expecting some character development from The Machine as well because of the deleted scenes and the fact that it was a thinking machine. I just. POTENTIAL.
I know exactly what it was. While they were making the movie there was a debate in the studio over whether or not it should have dialogue. Some of them thought that it should be silent, like the short; others thought it would be too hard to communicate the relationships between dolls without dialogue. So they decided to compromise and make the script as sparse as possible.


Incidentally, the Russian version is entirely different and has a much more fleshed out script.

I mean, I love the movie! I am very fond of those little stitchpunks. But I just listen to the early interviews and hear all the dialogue they USED to have (like 7 explaining how she felt compelled to escape from the cathedral and 1's control) and know it could have been so much more than it was, if only they had kept all that information in.

That Machine DID have so much potential because it was created just like the others, and it started out totally neutral. Hell, when the men come for the Scientist, it even grabs onto him and tries to keep them from taking him.
Yes, I remember that scene! I was like dfgdfgdfgdfg oh my god. I'm weak to woobie robots :(. But yeah, I really enjoyed it! But I wanted more and that rankled me a bit.
Exactly. /:

Shane Acker wants to make a sequel, because in the five year process of making THIS movie he came up with tons of stuff to explore in that storyline/world/etc (including things like 7 taming rogue machines in order to make them her mounts. 7 is my hero.). I'd be happy if he did make one, particularly if he figured out that going halfway on the script will not cut it (which I think he can't have missed by now, it's the main criticism).
ME TOO. I mean, I'd seen the short, but I really didn't think they'd go that route for the feature film -_-
...Although the little green microbes give me horrible mental images of amoebas forming with 1, 2, 5, 6 and 8's faces on them and 1 being horribly disapproving about all this. BUT STILL ;__;
Oh, honey D: [CLING]

This is what camp is for! And fanfic. But also camp. I mean, if I could locate people to play the boys of the Sound Four, top them into apping and keep getting them to reapp until they got in, GETTING A FULL CAST OF STITCHPUNKS CANNOT BE THAT HARD.
Aww! XD

I know the feeling! I kept being reminded of so many of the religious fanatic teachers I had in school, up until the end, when he had DEPTH! And yes D:
Stiiiiitchpuuuuunk ;;

I am really interested in where Shane Acker is going to go with his work now, because while there were glaring flaws of execution in 9, the aesthetic and concepts of the film were so compelling, guh. ♥
I knew I wanted it like burning as soon as I saw the original short. 8D And a lot of aspects were exactly what I expected! I just think that yeah, they could've built up the characters more, and done more with the Machine - I was honestly expecting them all to get swallowed into the Machine to be its "soul" as per the foreshadowing of the machine being the mind and the stitchpunks being the soul, and felt really thrown off when they switched to the short's ending instead. But still! Lack of follow-through on some aspects doesn't mean it didn't hit every ping I possess like a sledgehammer.
oh pfffffffffft that was the other thing i wanted to grab from you I R CLEVEER