what a messy sky

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What do you do when your parents do everything for you?

[aka timmy is depressed]
I don't know, but I would also like to know the answer.

That said: [all my hugs]
*drapes on top of you. like a giant bear-skin rug. with the bear still attached.*
[flings self at and loves and hugs]
Lemme know how the flat-hunting goes if you are planning to get your own place! I'd love for you to come crash with me, but I'm in London now and it's a bit far. BUT IF YOU CAN GET OVER HERE, I HAVE A SPARE ROOM.
True enough; but the only effective solution, at the end of the day, and therefore the one that is likely inevitable whether it comes sooner or later.
Yes, it does hurt. But you will be more yourself after, if you consider that worth it.
Ugh, I keep forgetting to check my flist. I love you honey and I talked to you after you posted this BUT STILL, you can talk to me anytime. Okay? Okay :B And I live too far away to offer anything else, but IF YOU EVER WANT TO RUN AWAY TO MEXICO, I CAN ADOPT YOU. I just love you a lot, darling. ;;