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Sometime in Kakariko Village...

Link: Walking around.
Link: Oh, hey, that's my horse.
Epona: [charging towards him]
Link: :DDDD...wait, is she trying me over?
Link: Eep!
Me: DDD:

So far, so good. I hate fighting Gorons. [sob]. Replaying Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Shinon amuses me.

Shinon: Soren is snot-nosed, stuckup whelp.

And replaying Hotel Dusk as well.

Other than that, I've been in an on/off mood, so I'll be a bit reclusive for a while. Also, THAT MUSIC POST? has too many songs now. Sob.
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ZOMG IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Big thanks to Kali-chan for all the support for this little fic I spent two years slaving over. Otherwise I would have dumped it by now.

Now, for the last two chapters of 'Giving up the Most'

Chapter: Fourteen - The Beginning of the End (part two)
Notes: None. THOSE of you interested in reading, PLEASE don't start here. bug me on MSN or something, but this is way past the fic. You won't understand anything.

how can one person be responsible for the rest of us?Collapse )

Chapter Fifteen - The Beginning of the End (part three)
Notes: Same as above

Are you still afraid?Collapse )

The epilogue will come later (like tomorrow). I promise~
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TITLE: Giving up the Most
Chapter: 13 - The Beginning of the End (Part One) [sounds awfully contradictory XD]
NOTES: Ummm...this is being posted of ff.net as well. so to avoid spoilers, I suggest to start reading it there.

Why?Collapse )

One for the Band is the angstiest CLC EVER. I keep wanting to cry. T____T CLOUD...
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Title: Giving up the Most 
Chapter: 10 - Foreign is the language of human nature
Notes: for Kali-chan. It's nearly done, it's nearly done YAY! Got about four-five chapters left. I think XD
Summary: Was that too much to ask? 

For those interested in reading this story, just ask and I'll post it up for you.
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For Kali-chan. Next installment of "Giving up the Most"

Chapter Nine: Dark are the ways of many
Notes: If you're not Kali-chan, then I suggest avoiding this. It won't make any sense.
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Notes: Close to being completed! (gives a whoop) wasted two years of my life working on this fic.

Perhaps Gannon was a foreshadowing of greater evils to comeCollapse )
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