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I got Tokyo Babylon. Which was okay. Too much Subaru and too little Seishirou didn't work for me (though Seishirou asserting his possessive urges was quite good yeah). I wish there was more on the Bet though. How many OVAS are there for Tokyo Babylon? I'm guessing only two, which means I do not see the drama which leads to X ;___;

And oh god, one more exam to go and FREEDOM BECKONS.

Also, I'm taking fanfic challenges and requests. HIT ME WITH WHATEVER YOU GOT. My muses are starving here.
I thought there was only one OVA... oops ^^U

My request: A ... *mentally conjures up a list of pairings* nice BanxGinji fic? Don't know... What pairings do you do?
...Hit you with whatever I got? Hm.

CROSSOVER! Gojyo/Ed Elric! YES.
You want a challenge??? I'll give you one. ^_____^ Hope you're up for it. ^^
How about a Danny Phantom Yaoi fic.? (Yeah I'm obsessed, sue me. ^^U)
Pairing Dash/Danny. Good luck with that Timmy. ^_~ MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
a challenge for Trigun
(reached your journal through fanfiction.net on a Trigun reading spree. Just recently encounter Trigun the anime and fell in love with Vash x Wolfwood. For some reason, the two volume manga pointed me towards Vash x Legato a long time ago.)

If i am allowed, i would love to challenge you with said two pairings but if i am not allowed, Vash x Legato in the humourous romance category would do because the pairing is so rare. Additional details include milk but disinclude Knives. Well, if you are willing...
*evil grinning* Emir/Nat Go on, I dare you... then post a link in Emir's blog...
Hi, I wander here from FFN.
If you're still taking request, I would like to request [Saiyuki Gaiden] Konzen&Goku. Prompt: Irrevocable. Thank you.