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Why I prefer Ellincia to Ninian (FE ramble)

Ellincia is veyr typical princess. She is shy, very humble and at first you think, "nothing great."

But she rocks in dialogue. And she's a useful character!

Ike: So we'll go now.
Ellincia: Go get them! Uhh...I mean, take care Lord Ike.
Ike: *raises eyebrows*

And Geoffrey and Ellincia are the most amazing hetero pairing ever. I want to make them my OTP. Like for forever.

Ellincia: Geoffrey, can I ask you a favour?
Geoffrey: Anything princess!
Ellincia: Could you leave me alone?
Geoffrey: ....Except that.

And why I don't like Ninian (in the mildest sense. I don't really dislike Ninian, I just prefer Ellincia)

-Ninian is useless in combat (heck, Ellincia is a pegasus knight with healing powers and a sword. Beat that)
-Reyson pwns Ninian's abilities ten times over.
-Ninian makes Eliwood angst (okay, that's more a pro point, but yeah >.> Eliwood is suddenly turned into this character with massive angst potential. ya for you Ninian)
-She comes back to LIFE. I hate that. There are several other characters I would rather bring back to life. You're not one of them.

-Ellincia is sekrictly a warrior princess (really, she kicks so much ass that I feel guilty for not using her often enough)
-She fakes fainting spells (XD Their reaction was amusing to say the least)
-Just generally, she is a princess and she isn't. She never gets pissed, but the look she gave Ashnnard was enough to burn him to crisp (honestly, I was like "OMG she's glaring. Shit, shit, shit")
-and I wouldn't mind supporting Ike/Ellincia (which could be considered canon for the fact she calls him Lord Ike), but Geoffrey is the most amazingly dense sap in the entire world and I feel sorry for him. I mean, when she comes back to Crimea ...

Geoffrey: Are they here yet?
Bastian: No.
Geoffrey: Now?
Bastian: ...Are you sure you're a knight? Those composed calm stoic fellows. She's coming. She'll be fine. Stop worrying.
Geoffrey: Right. Stop worrying (takes a deep breath) I'll just go and polish silverware for the sixteenth time.
Bastian: Good boy.

XD So yeah. Bonafide Ellincia fan. I don't know why because I generally dislike meek girls and she was somewhat neutral to in the beginning, but she pulled through!
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Haha, I haven't been talking to you for awhile, eh? >>; *no valid excuse*

BUT! I doubt i really care who I like better, but when Ninian came back to life, the only thing that ran threw my mind was that the FF7 fans were going to be pissed that Aerith couldn't come back like that. And vaguely reminds me of a Mary-Sue, but then who doesn't come back to life?

I really, really hope they make a sequel. Or something. Anything! D=
Oh god, I would die for a sequel. The hints for that are all over the place

I generally don't like characters who come back to life. I liked her even before, but then she came back to life and I was like "WTH Bramimond"
You know, if you didn't re-boot my FE drive earlier, you just did now. I really want to see that silverware comment with my own eyes. XD

And yes, Ellincia, as far as princesses go, rawks. And yes, Reyson pwns Ninian into the middle of next century. He sings /and/ heals!!

And he's prettier too... <.<; *coughs and hides in case Reyson sics Naesala on her for calling him pretty*
I seem to have paused around the low 20's (ch title 'Solo', the one with teh monks, I think it's right before you get Ranulf)

Nii-san is playing on easy mode and is going on about how 'easy' it is. *scofs* My FE gaming drive is very low at the moment, am also trying to work on my FE7 support convo collection so... attention is divided.