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Why I prefer Ellincia to Ninian (FE ramble)

Ellincia is veyr typical princess. She is shy, very humble and at first you think, "nothing great."

But she rocks in dialogue. And she's a useful character!

Ike: So we'll go now.
Ellincia: Go get them! Uhh...I mean, take care Lord Ike.
Ike: *raises eyebrows*

And Geoffrey and Ellincia are the most amazing hetero pairing ever. I want to make them my OTP. Like for forever.

Ellincia: Geoffrey, can I ask you a favour?
Geoffrey: Anything princess!
Ellincia: Could you leave me alone?
Geoffrey: ....Except that.

And why I don't like Ninian (in the mildest sense. I don't really dislike Ninian, I just prefer Ellincia)

-Ninian is useless in combat (heck, Ellincia is a pegasus knight with healing powers and a sword. Beat that)
-Reyson pwns Ninian's abilities ten times over.
-Ninian makes Eliwood angst (okay, that's more a pro point, but yeah >.> Eliwood is suddenly turned into this character with massive angst potential. ya for you Ninian)
-She comes back to LIFE. I hate that. There are several other characters I would rather bring back to life. You're not one of them.

-Ellincia is sekrictly a warrior princess (really, she kicks so much ass that I feel guilty for not using her often enough)
-She fakes fainting spells (XD Their reaction was amusing to say the least)
-Just generally, she is a princess and she isn't. She never gets pissed, but the look she gave Ashnnard was enough to burn him to crisp (honestly, I was like "OMG she's glaring. Shit, shit, shit")
-and I wouldn't mind supporting Ike/Ellincia (which could be considered canon for the fact she calls him Lord Ike), but Geoffrey is the most amazingly dense sap in the entire world and I feel sorry for him. I mean, when she comes back to Crimea ...

Geoffrey: Are they here yet?
Bastian: No.
Geoffrey: Now?
Bastian: ...Are you sure you're a knight? Those composed calm stoic fellows. She's coming. She'll be fine. Stop worrying.
Geoffrey: Right. Stop worrying (takes a deep breath) I'll just go and polish silverware for the sixteenth time.
Bastian: Good boy.

XD So yeah. Bonafide Ellincia fan. I don't know why because I generally dislike meek girls and she was somewhat neutral to in the beginning, but she pulled through!
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