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TITLE: Single-minded
PAIRING: Nakago x Tamahome
SUMMARY: "I won't cry for you"
NOTES: Okay, for me, I always found this pairing weird. For one reason being they hate each other guts. But they KISSED in the anime (with me going bug-eyed and WTF) and makes you wonder if Yuu Watase is a sekrit shounen-ai fan (hey, Amiboshi and Suboshi kiss and they're BROTHERS. I'm surprised the english version didn't cut it out O___O)

By Timberwolf220

-These tears. They’re not for you-
—Tamahome from “Fushigi Yuugi”


I won’t cry for you. I hate you, hate you for torturing me, hate you for hurting Yui and Miaka. I hate you for murdering my family and tearing our world apart. I hate you for kissing me when I was weak and vulnerable.

I hate you so much that I came back from the dead to kill you. I tore a hole through your body and ripped your soul bare. And I watched your pain. Your mother was raped and for that you killed her with the rapists. Your benefactor played with you just like he played with his women. You, the child with golden locks and baby face knew no better, so you copied the man in all aspects.

I won’t forgive you. You knew better. You knew morality and cast it aside. You knew compassion and you all but scorned it. You knew love, love that set everything in place for you and you dumped here body in a ditch at the side. Maybe for a moment, there was tenderness and feeling, but it was gone by the time you arrived into the real world.

Have you achieved everything you wanted Nakago? Did you win?

I think you won, you son of a bitch.

“Tamahome…you’re crying.”

No, I’m not. I’m not crying for you. Why would I? These tears are for me, only me.

I won’t cry for you.

Drabble-esque piece. Yes, I will be writing out the requests soon.
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That is very nicely done, how you captured Tamahome's emotions. Wow, I haven't read anything even remotely related to Fushigi Yugi in forever! And omg, you've just reminded me of my mad love for Amiboshi and Suboshi. *-*
...wait, they kissed!? WHEN!? I don't remember no such things.0_o Only the Amiboshi/suboshi part.XD

Yeah, I kept wondering too...there's even her manga Kiss Mint w/ the girl got his soul transfered in a boy's body, confessed her love to her sensei and the said sensei saying that he loved the boy who owns the body.O_o
When Tamahome was getting tortured. I have the pictures to prove it too. O__O

I haven't read her other sutff though.