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TITLE: Make and Break
PAIRING: Sha Gojyo x Edward Elric (>.> Nat's fault)
GENRE: Angst
SUMMARY: "Since never is here..."

Make and Break
By Timberwolf220


"So you can make anything right?"” Gojyo said.

Edward rolled his eyes. How many times had he heard this one before? "Something like that."”

"Make me a...,"”Gojyo pursed his lips in mock thought and smirked, "condom."”

Edward slammed the door on Gojyo's face.

"Does this mean you’re not making it?"”

Edward groaned.


"How about now?"”


"Then later?"”

"Never is the best time I can think of," Edward muttered.

"Never huh?" Gojyo leaned and blew slightly into Edward's ear, "Are you sure about never?"”

Edward stepped away and said, "I'm sure."”


"Never has arrived,"” Gojyo said dramatically, stepping onto the grass. The sun dipped into the edge of the horizon and Edward didn't look back at him, "The inevitable, the impossible just happened. So what now?"”

Edward stared at the grave in front of him. His golden eyes hardened to the point that they burned holes into the ground. Gojyo pulled out a cigarette and lit it. The smoke drifted over to Edward and he wrinkled his nose in disgust.

"My mother tried to kill me,"” Gojyo said conversationally, "Just so you know."”

"I brought her back to life and then her,"”Edward said softly, "Just so we're even. I don't owe a damn thing to the world and I'm not giving anything else up."”
"People will give up what is theirs,"”Gojyo said, playing with Edward's hair, "You can't tell them what to give up."”

Edward said nothing. The sky grew dark with the foreboding that followed Gojyo's words.

"Since never is here," Edward said finally, drawing out the words slowly, "I'll make your bloody condom."”

"Nah," Gojyo said, pulling the cigarette from his lips, "I just wanted to see if you would agree to it, that's all."”

Okay, this was freakin hard. I wanna rewrite it later.
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