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18/3/2006 The Beginning of the Mulu Mud Musical

Trees, trees, trees, oh wait, I think I see a clearing! Nope, just more trees. You’d think you would see some human inhabitation, but apparently the trees outnumber the people a good million to one (or more. I can’t be sure with figures). And the river looks like a live snake twisting on the landscape. It’s a thick orange colour (totally not the colour I pictured the river to be) that contrasts with the forest surrounding it. We got off and went straight to our hotel (national park to be accurate) and settled our payments (with some difficulty since we paid under two people). The rooms were basic as basic could possibly be, but we had no problems with them. Other than the odd discolouring of the water (we purified it later). We would have gone on a Night Cruise, but the weather obviously had other plans. So the rain came tumbling down and the Night Cruise was cancelled. Later on, I suppose it was a good thing since it cost 75 rm per person anyway (really expensive).


This is the part where we actually get it into gear and do what we came here to do. I must admit though, what I expected was quite different to what we ended up doing. For instance, I thought we would walk in muckity muck (a term we coined later on in this journey) and collapsing after the first five minutes. Surprisingly, we spent most of the trek on a wooden boardwalk. Of course, then came the Skywalk. We teetered on a rackety creaking bridge and below us was what seemed to me a million miles above the ground (a clear under exaggeration on my part). We pretty much flipped out for the entire time we were on the bridge and when we were back on solid ground, we said, “Yeah that was okay.” After that, we came back, had lunch and tried to regain the feeling in our legs. Then, at around 3, we left to see the Deer and Lang caves.

This trek too was quite smooth (probably because they were concrete walkways) and we reached at around 4:30 pm. Then we went into the Deer Cave. I don’t know if I can express what I saw there adequately enough. For one thing I can say for sure. It was REALLY, REALLY big. It gave a whole new look to the Jonah’s stay in the whale, because this cave can apparently fit 4-5 jumbo jets in it (or was it 14-15?). At the entrance was a silhouette of Abraham Lincoln (which was quite cool actually. It looked just like him). We walked in deeper into the cave and then we heard a shrill noise surrounding us. We look up and see a lot of bats. We couldn’t make out any distinct shapes. It seemed more like a mass of formless black stuff plastered onto the ceiling of the cave. The entire cave had a small stream running through it and thousands of spiderwebs decorating the rocks surrounding the pathway. We trudged in deeper into the dark (and we stumbled a lot. Didn’t break anything but our dignity. Hey, the pathways were really slippery). It got progressively darker as we went into the cave and we were acutely aware of every sound around us. At the end of the cave, we saw the Garden of Eden (or as I called, the Lost World). To me, it looked like the edge to a different dimension, one completely alien to our own.

After leaving the Deer Cave (and ogling the abnormally large spiderwebs), we went to the Lang cave which was a lot smaller than the Deer Cave (a LOT smaller). But it certainly had a lot more stalagmite and stalactite formations than the Deer Cave. They came in the oddest shapes and sizes. We saw one shaped like the Great Wall of China (as we pointed out to Viola) and there were several features that looked alien spaceships and life forms (obviously Rajeeta and I have watched too much science fiction). Most of them looked like gigantic squids and octopuses. Some looked like creatures I really shouldn’t have been imagining. But the guided tour was over before we knew and we were outside, waiting to see the bats fly out in hordes out of the Deer Cave.

Again, the weather threw a wrench in our plans. It started raining and we realized that the bats weren’t daft enough to come out in the rain, so we headed back to Headquarters, had an early dinner as well as a well earned bath. Although we did not go to sleep as early as we should have, we managed to get enough sleep (I think. I can’t speak for everyone on this).

Tell me what exactly you're commenting on. Should we add what songs we went through as well?
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*head thunk* Of all the people... go over the entries, you switch tenses a lot.
Not the songs, they're irrelevant I'd think. We could mention we sang a lot... actually, yeah, mention that we were singing Linkin Park for some odd reason on the way to Mulu.
I think it's called the Langs cave.
You have a grammatical error in the second paragraph of your second entry, we 'saw' not 'see' (Ms. Picky, that's me.)
*jumping* Make the first entry longer!!! You could talk about our expectations, having to wake up early in the morning (the shocking 'Jeeta was on time??!! Nay... EARLY???!!!!!), the fact that Viola's bag was bigger than she was, the long wait when we got off to show our passports, our sleeping and your wakefulness, the first 'holy crap, we forgot to memorise what our bus looked like', etc. There's soo much more you could say. Also, could you be a little more explanatory? I know it makes sense to us because we were there, but just say that we took a small 20-seater to Mulu, half an hour journey, LOTS of vegetation. 'paid under two people' 0__o Um, the payment was in two names, we paid in two different installments, etc...
Try not to have so many bracket things (pet peeve, I do it a lot, see this?), just remove one or two?
We didn't actually see the bats at all, since we weren't allowed to shine our lights on them. We heard them and we saw dark patches, but yeah, not actual bats. Especially since most of them were so bloody high up.
Speak for yourself, I thoroughly enjoyed the Skywalk. I didn't flip out. I was a little freaked when I slipped and none of us were happy with how rickety it was in some parts, but it was exhilarating. Kind of like old times where we'd go to some high place, my family, for example the cable car, and I'd do my best to feak brother out, for instance jumping around... Hee, he's such a scaredy cat...
understatement, not under exaggeration
2nd paragraph, 2nd entry. Adequately, full stop. Not adequately enough. The 'adequately' covers the 'enough'
You and I stumbled a lot. Hey, hey, mention our constant warning of each other an as soon as we warned someone else we'd stumble. That was significant...
'The entire cave had a small stream running through it'. Remove 'entire'...
Explain the 'Garden of Eden' thing a little. That it's the forest area outside an opening in the cave, from there you climb down to a lower region in the cave...
The Great Wall of China is what everyone calls it. I think the guide told us that and we went 'oooh, yeah, so it is'. Then we ribbed Viola. I don't think we noticed it and voiced it ourselves...
Mothership, mothership! You didn't mention the mothership! Actually, wait, leave that for my comment on this day.
Immigration cards!! They didn't collect ours in Mulu remember? Which lead to the later problem... mention that!

Boy, I'm nitpicky...

Okie. Hmm. My comments, as in official 'this will go at the end of my entry' comments.

Day 1 -
It was vaguely disturbing that not one of us had fully registered that project week had started. To us, Mulu was still that undefined, distant place we'd been debating about for four months. And project week was that trying event most of us had been sweating about for the last few years.

Day 2 -
A day to be commemorated, where Ayesha and I began the steady trend of periodically slipping and tying unruly shoe laces; tasks we juggled between us regularly. The formations in the Langs cave really did look alien and we identified a monstrous mothership there. It terrified us to no end to see several similar formations in the other caves. Aliens are trying to take over the world from Malaysia.

You might have to cut my comment, it's too long. Anyway. I have to sort through the images and writing now...
You're writing the intro, right? Right? Put in stuff about our planning process and where we're actually heading towards. Make it short and fun? Pwease?
Yup, definitely need a more impressive first-day-post!! Lessen the brackets, it looks too much like a lj post, and talk about more stuff and personal reflections!! It would be nice if you explain a bit about the place we were going to. GO Ayesha!

Even though I was the one who suggested going to Mulu in the first place, it was only this distant place somewhere in Malaysia where, from what we've seen in photos, greenery reigns. I had been looking forward to Project Week ever since Grade 7, and it really didn't registered to me that this long awaited event had actually started.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my close friend of four years didn't know how to tie her own shoelaces. Add in the fact that said shoelaces keep untying themselves and causing general frustration. Ahh... yes, Project Week, a period full of planning, treking, sweating, and discovering marvelous things concerning their companions...
I can't believe I'm trying to correct your grammar in comments

Even though I was the one who suggested going to Mulu in the first place, it was still only this distant place somewhere in Malaysia where, from what we had seen in photos, greenery reigned. I had been looking forward to Project Week ever since Grade 7, and it really didn't register that this long awaited event was actually on its way.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that my close friend of four years didn't know how to tie her own shoelaces. Add in the fact that said shoelaces keep untying themselves and causing general frustration. Ahh... yes, Project Week, a period full of planning, trekking, sweating, and discovering marvelous things concerning one's companions...

Oh shut up. Trekking has two ks Viola. *sticks tongue out* Hee, the comment amuses me. Aw, I'm your 'close friend' I'm so touched! (You know what the MOST disturbing part about that sentence is? I'm not being sarcastic. *shudder*)
YES PLZ that would be helpful. As for the deep angle, I'll try what I can. Being deep can be difficult for me. At least, in writing for myself.
(Completely unrelated to the post)

Question: Just how many versions of One Winged Angel are there? o.o I've got about four on my comp. (FFVII, KH, FFVII: Piano Collections and FFVII:AC)

When I get internet at home again, I am going to ask that you pwease pwetty pwease tell me where you found this one. :3 I seem to collect them like pokemon cards or something.
I have the live version, the original FF7 version plus the AC one. The Kingdom hearts version, the piano version and some other one I can't remember.