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I never thought I'd say this.


I want to read het. Good het, mind you.

Yes, I want to read het.

Damn Mr. Beverley and giving me good books to read. ;___; Tommy/Kath/Ruth OT3.

Kazuo Ishiguro's "Never let me go baby". Corny title, amazing book. (though it killed me that Mr. Beverley gave out the ending. Not cool)

So yeah, I'm on a het spree. At the most, I'll write an Ike/Ellincia or a Geoffrey/Ellincia because Geoffrey is like Kent all over again. Except there's no Florina blocking his way to Lyn XD.

And Geoffrey doesn't have a Sain. XD No, Bastian does not count whatsoever.

And here, I shall ramble. Because, like, I need to ramble.

SO, I did some cheating and watched the Kingdom Hearts 2 cutscenes.

And I go "WHUT"

For a Disney game, it is the ultimate ghei game ever. I mean, their dialogue. :D

Axel: I wanted to see Roxas. He was the one I liked. He made me feel...like I had a heart.


And Sora cries when he meets with Riku. VERY different to his reaction to Kairi. Heck, he was very unsure of what to say or do with Kairi.

And the last cutscenes are so much love. I might post them up later. Maybe.

CLAMP has the worst cliffhangers ever. X finally reaches a climax and they stop. RIGHT WHEN FUUMA WAS GOING TO PLUNGE HIS SHIKEN INTO KAMUI'S AND KAMUI ISN'T IN DENIAL ANYMORE. D:

So, yeah, I was kinda pissed about that. ><

I wanna watch Scrapped Princess again. Despite the fact, I will once again bawl my eyes out for Fulle.


I'm so susceptible for this.

Anime guys who made me cry -

Wolfwood (D:)
Fulle (from Scrapped Princess)
Toboe and Tsume (from Wolf's Rain)
Narutaki (D:)(from Steam Detectives)
Dias Ragu (From Shadow Skill)
Tyson (from the fic Rank and File. GO READ IT. It's an AU so you don't even need to know the characters. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/917499/1/)
Tsuzuki Asato (okay, this was because it kinda struck to close to home.)
And Ryu from Breath of Fire 2 (this guy had it the worst. REALLY. It was THAT bad)

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...Right, so that wasn't very coherent. Let me rephrase.

Stop thinking of pairings in terms of het and slash. It's fucking stupid and so damn wrong.
I don't really. I usually think general. It's just how I felt s'all. XD I'm not fixed in terms like that.
I think I've kinda stopped being too picky in the het vs. slash dept. *blinks* I still hate almost all the female halves of the mainline het pairings to the point of oblivion though and some het pairings I just /don't/ see but...

I dare say I've broadened my horizons. Damn you Jak & Daxter for giving me GOOD het pairings to fangirl over.
FE9 gave Ellincia who I loved a lot. Then there's Blue, but there are few characters I like enough to pair them with.

Ah, but that doesn't mean I won't defend those pairings withh tooth and nail. XD
*violently avoids all possibl spoiler material*

Sain... I want Sain... Mommy, I want a pet Sain of my very own. A_A

(couldn't resist...)