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I have, like, 15 icons now. XD

My layout is totally messed up, but I have 15 icons. I'm too happy to care.
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You dear, have gone to the dark side.

...You're letting them exploit you. Your layout is messed up.

*weeps for the lost soul*

Just kidding. :P

I was like, hey more icon space! when that annoucement came out, but then I went, wait, wth, I don't even use my icons that much anyways, and I really don't want ads on my pages, bah, forget it.

...Your layout is still strange.

I care about my layout, heck no. I'll figure out another way to do this. He, he, he. Now you have Host Club icons. He he. *full on maniacal laughter* (BTW, love the KH icon. Soo funny) Since I'm not full on hooked on Yami no Matsuei, this amuses me. Trust me, I will be soon, just not right now.

*cries for Ayesha's layout since Ayesha doesn't care*
*rolling around floor on net caf laughing her ass off at teh chibi-luv-dance*

XD I have not told you recently how much I love you. *goes barnacle*

Wheeeee!!! Jumpy Froggy!!!! =D