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....So I watched a little bit of Sailor Moon.

And watched...

......and they call Sailor Moon a kid's show?! O__O Because that isn't something you show kids. That was goddamn violent.

And scary.

And umm.... T___T Uranus/Neptune have the most amazing yuri moments in television history ever (I don't care whether they're canon or not)

ETA - Screw John Stewart, I want my cartoonist Green Lantern. Where are you Kyle? I mean, seriously, have you seen his dialogues with Flash and Batman. Flash and Green Lantern team up to piss Batman off. They do not succeed LIES
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I think they're Canon (cause they're very 'friendly' in the manga too) As well as Zoisite and Kunzite, even if most people close their eyes so they won't see the truth. There is yuri and yaoi in Sailormoon.
I remember that. In the manga, they were less canon (same with Haruka and Michiru. Heck, I think there was more basis for Usagi/Haruka in the manga)
I LOVED Sailor Moon as a kid. 'Tis probably why I am so messed up today. XD YES THERE IS YAOI AND YURI IN THERE! I remember they turned one of the guys into a lady on the dub. It was the longhaired guy with Malachite. Eeehehehehe. <3
Aapparently Naoko went around telling people, "Haruka and Michiru are just friends." >.> I was like, "LIES. ALL LIES"

I still love Sailor Moon. ^_^ Can't help it.