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TITLE: Prove your worth in dimes
FANDOM: Naruto
PAIRING: Itachi x Neji
RATING: PG-13 at the most
NOTES: This is AU. Not based off the manga, anime or even CFUD for that matter

Uchiha Itachi opened the window slightly and dropped onto the floor. For a wealthy family house, it seemed rather reclusive and dark. He fingered his knife and gun and walked into the halls. The curtains fluttered from the northern breeze and there was an unnatural chill in the air. Something that could not be blamed on him.


He spotted an open door and went inside. There was a boy, about the same age as his departed brother would be now. He had long raven-black hair that reached to his waist. It was untidy and he could see flecks of white and brown entangled in the weave.


“You’re not Hyuuga Hinata,” He said simply, and began to walk away. This youth standing by the window meant nothing to him.


The youth stared at his departing form and said, “Aren’t you going to kill me? I saw you.”


Itachi shot the youth a dispassionate look, “So?”


The youth made an impertinent noise and continued, “Won’t you kill me?”


“I don’t work for charity,” Itachi said and walked away.


Hyuuga Hinata died that night.




It was two years later that Uchiha Itachi saw him again. He was standing on the pavement with a small copper bowl in his hand. His hair had grown considerably longer and his eyes were clear as fogged glass in winter.


Itachi stopped in front of him. The youth looked up and creased his forehead, “I remember you.”


“You would. I killed your sister,” Itachi said, “Why are you here?”


The youth shrugged, “I left. Since you wouldn’t kill me,” the statement hung like a conviction, a blame, 
“I thought I should come out here.”




“Things seem more real here.”


Itachi paused for thought and pulled the youth’s hand, “Come with me then.”


“What, are you going to kill me finally?”


“No,” Itachi said, “I’m going to get you to live.”


“Pitiful,” the boy continued, “You won’t kill me, but you’ll save me?”


“Not really,” Itachi said, “At the end of this, you’ll still wish you were dead. But…”




“It’s better than nothing.”




How long had it been when winters drifted like storms in the mind’s eye? And the cold of the houses cast a shadow 
upon the people and drove away the light, the all-consuming fire that burnt away the gods of old.


Hyuuga Neji was the name of the blind youth.


He was still alive. Admirable.


“Who did you kill today?” Neji asked when he arrived.


“I don’t remember,” Itachi said, “Too many faces, too many names.”


“You remembered Hinata,” Neji pointed out.


“She said something strange,” Itachi mused quietly, “That was the call for remembrance.”


“You remembered me,” Neji said sullenly.


“You asked me for charity,” Itachi said, “That alone was worth all my memories.”




“When did you kill your family?” Neji asked.


“Seven winters ago,” Itachi replied, not removing his eyes from the sword. He sheathed it and looked at the symbol of 
his house.




“I can’t remember,” Itachi said, dropping the sword onto the ground. It sounded hollow and he didn’t feel like picking it up.


“You can’t remember why you killed your family?”


“No,” Itachi said, “Why would I?”




There was fire over the houses. People burnt, children burnt. The streets smelt of burnt flesh. Neji carried his sword 
and followed Itachi through the masses of people running towards the river. They reached the banks along with the 
masses and began wading through the river.


Neji grabbed onto Itachi’s cloak. He shuddered for a moment and tightened his grip.


When they reached the other bank, Neji let go of his cloak.


Itachi said nothing.




The wind whistled through the doors, whittling out the crevasses in the walls.


Neji quietly applied the cloth onto Itachi’s forehead. The Uchiha had a fever for over seven days now ever since t
he burning of the town. Neji wondered if it would ever leave. It seemed like a curse that God set on him.


Again, he was still alive.


Itachi had not spoken since the crossing. The fever made him lucid, but sometimes he never spoke, 
the silence ringing through the room worse than words. Neji kept giving him the medicine prescribed, but nothing worked.


Neji had a feeling Itachi would not last another winter.






Itachi stirred from his sleep and got out of his bed. He blinked blearily and said, “What?”


“I want you to kill me.”


“We’ve been over this,” Itachi said, “I don’t hand out charity.”


“Then why am I here?” Neji bit angrily, “If not for charity?”


“You’re here because I am cruel,” Itachi said as he lay down onto the bed.


“Then I’ll do it myself,” Neji said and grabbed the knife. He pointed it at his throat and then he hesitated.


The look in Itachi’s eyes was…terrifying. Neji dropped the knife and backed himself against the wall in shock.


Itachi closed his eyes, “Neji, get me some water.”


It was the first time Itachi addressed him by name. Neji trembled.




Itachi died at the end of winter as Neji had predicted. Neji buried him behind the inn where they had first stayed. 
He left no epitaph for he could not think of anything he could say.


Neji stared at the grave for a moment before turning his back.


He had a whole life to live.

A/N: Will work more on it. This is more or less a rough sketch.

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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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