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Now I HAVE to buy the Wii. Apparently the next Fire Emblem comes out on it. >.> Damn you gamemakers.
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No you don't. You can just be behind on what was considered the most innovative and fun system at E3, beating the expensive PS3 and Microsoft's heifer. No one will think the less of you I swear.
I'm going to be broke by the end of the year, BUT DID YOU SEE SOTHE? =D My god, did he GREW.

But the PS3 is so preeeeetty, and the FF 13 is prettier. *purrs*
My dad promised to buy me the PS3, so I don't need to save up any more for that. BUT SOTHE~ It's a gaming conspiracy
*feeling out of the loop but to heck with that*

Somehow, I feel I shall never have the money for teh finer things in life because I spend it all on videogames...