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Have I expressed my dislike for Ted Hughes? 

Seamus Heaney is coming up close to join him. Honestly. 

And I want to watch Mirage of Blaze I blame Viola and my Tactics torrent hasn't finished. 

Thinking of posting a p3 pimping post. Because Ican.

If there are any more pending requests, I'll try to get it done this week. If I'm lucky. 

It's secretly Kamui/Subaru and Seishirou relationship all over again. Or a Cloud/Sephiroth.  
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did you knwo that Ted Hughes was married to Sylvia platt? I do.
Ugh, Seamus Heaney. Far, FAR too prosaic for my tastes. I mean, he's good when he does his cultural stuff, but his Beowulf translation? Rrrrraaaggghhhh.
*dislikes Seamus Heaney in general, but doesn't know much about his Beowulf translations.*
Beowulf is cool. He'd make a good boy oriented anime only in normal english.