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List 20 fandoms and guess my favourite characters. 

I can't remember who started this meme or who I gloinked it from. I don't think it matters that much anyway. 

1) Beyblade (guessed by vianusmiho) Kinomiya Takao
2) Saiyuki (guessed by yami_firekali) Ukoku
3) Yami no Matsuei (guessed by demurediablo) Seiichirou Tatsumi
4) X (guessed by vianusmiho) Shirou Kamui
5) Kingdom Hearts (guessed by angevar) Leon
6) Matantei Loki Ragnarok (guessed by vianusmiho) Narugami
7) Cowboy Bebop (guessed by demurediablo) Spike Spiegel
8) Trigun (guessed by demurediablo) Nicholas D. Wolfwood
9) Golden Sun (guessed by thisissirius) Isaac
10) Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword (guessed by angevar) Eliwood
11) Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance
12) Bleach
13) Tsubasa Reservoir Chrnonicles
14)  Final Fantasy Seven (guessed by angevar) Zack
15) Fushigi Yuugi
16) Hellsing
17) Get Backers (guessed by demurediablo) Amano Ginji
18) Ouran High School Host Club (guessed by demurediablo) Suoh Tamaki
19) Tantei Gakuen Q (guessed by vianusmiho) Nanami
20) Shadow Skill

Knock yourselves out. It'll be interesting if you got all. XD

EDIT: I find your guesses most amusing.
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1) Dunno, don't follow
2) Goku
3) Er.. Tatsumi?
4) Er........ Fuuma?
5) Sora?
6) Huh?
7) Spike
8) Wolfwood
9) Er, que?
14) Reno
17) Ginji
18) Tamaki

WHERE'S MY LINK TO TASUMI MURAKI BODY SWITCHING????!!! *yawn* Betcha I got 80% of my few answers wrong...
1. Takao or Kai
2. Sanzo or Goku
3. Tsuzuki or Tatsumi
4. Fuuma or Kamui
5. Sora or Riku or Roxas or Axcel...
6. ...Loki?
7. SPike
8. Wolfwood or Vash
9. ...???
10. ???????
11. ???????????
12. Ichigo or Renji or what's-his-name Rukia's brother
13. ...you're in this fandom? Kurogane? Fye?
14. Cloud...?
15. ...
16. Main character dude
17. Ban or Ginji
18. Tamaki???
19. Kyu or Ryu
20. ...what?

Yeah, yeah, I know you're only suppose to guess one... anyways
2) Kougaiji?
5) ...Cloud? Seiphi-something?
6) Hemidall? Narugami-kun?
13) Sakura? Syaoran? Makona!!??
19) Who the heck do you like in this if it's not Kyu or Ryu? You weirdo. Megumi? <--- WTF Ginta? Weird computer boy? Weird cosplaying detective/teacher?
OMG I so would have got the Beyblade one :P

Um... is Kingdom Hearts, Sora? Or maybe Riku. I cant remember :/ And I So know Golden Sun one because I remembered you telling me once so Im just gunna gues... Issaac?

I remembered you mentioning it once :P I haven't played Golden Sun in like forEVER :/

And OMG Kingdom Hearts 2 *loves* I just bought that on Amazon. I hope it's good now :/
It's amazing and well worth your money. Honestly, the second game blew me away with its amazingness. XD
Hellsing I'll say: Alucard, and Tsubasa... Kurogane! :D
Close, but not quite. XD Try and think of the minor characters since those are the ones I go for.
XD Random guesses--for Saiyuki, is it Sanzo? Only Viola mentioned it and you didn't answer, so. I mean, seriously, running out of characters here, it's not like that damn anime has that many starring roles in it.

...Tell me it's not Nii. *facepalms*

I have no idea re Fushigi. That was a purely theoretical guess. XD
I think using games that you're the only person I know woh's ever played them is a bit unfair at least for the people I know you know
*rubs palms together* Lets seeeeee...

5) Sir Squeon Sexypants, perchance?
10) Eliwood, an educated guess, of course.
14) *grins* Zack. If I'm wrong then I need to call hell and ask when they'll finish defrosting.
15) Arg, can't rememer the names... chirpy monk boy or Mr. 'Rekka Shien'!
16) *grins* I still remember what we first thought when we saw Seras Victoria (fem-Max!)