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Throughout this time I have been a strong Elle/Gau fan one reason being its canon. The other reason is the fact she bullies him like hell. 

And all that time, I could never understand the Scarface/Gau pairing (which creeped the hell out of me)

After downloading episode two, I finally understand. Scarface...well, my childhood memories are scarred. 

Seriously, I'll never be able to look this guy in the same light ever. But it shouldn't matter 'cause I never liked him anyway, the damn manipulative bastard.

I'm thinking of writing to Mr. Gibson again. I haven't written to him in a while and he never replied. And it worries me because Mrs. J said he got into a bad accident. I'm sure he's fine, but I still feel scared. It's been a long time since I've left Kodai, but even so...

Nah, I'm overreacting. He'll be fine. He has to be. Maybe I'll email Mrs. J later. 

God, I'm still procrastinating.
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