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I've done this before, so I'm copying and pasting. XD it's up on my ff.net profile. 

The Origin of 'the name': For those who probably don't know this, I took my name from a old, old DC comic hero that existed before we were even born. How did I stumble over this dead DC hero whose name has been forgotten in the anals of comic book time?
Simple. My grandfather and father were comic book geeks.

He was the son of a scientist who created a special-powers giving ray and gave it to his son. He wasn't a person with a tragic past nor did he ever feel the normal angst glands that most superheroes suffer daily. In short, he was original (somewhat. He gets his fair share of grief and trauma later on)and even though I don't do justice in his name, I hope I can remind people of his existence.

Why the '220': Actually, I have no idea myself. It sounds cool.

I tag whoever is bored enough to do this thing. Have fun!

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Annals, annals, for fuck's sake, before I have to go bleach my brain. Again.
His name sounds familiar, but I could only guess why. I got mine by mistyping. X3
I am actually tempted by this, simply because I am an attention whore and the source of my name needs more advertising (and is almnost a whole decade old! I need to plan a B-day party for it!!)