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TITLE: Liability
FANDOM: Ouran Host Club
PAIRING: Gen, Kyouya-centric
SUMMARY: Kyouya disliked liabilities
NOTES: takes place just after Episode 8. drabble.

Kyouya disliked liabilties. And no matter how many times the others try to reassure him, he cannot think of Haruhi in any other way. 

If Haruhi's identity was discovered, then the prestige of their club would plummet. Girls would be disgusted and all in all (because Kyouya thinks in those terms only) a great financial loss.  

Or perhaps it was the way everyone made way for her. She stepped into their world, unwanted and forced her way in (though they MADE her pay. He wasn't stupid enough to believe they couldn't let her off. They were rich enough to ignore the debt of the vase). Kyouya was the only one who didn't see what others saw when they looked at Haruhi. 

Which would explain, he thought, how they missed the obvious at times.

Why, why, why was she still here? She held no position in society, she was an average host, she was a glutton. She was everything he would not have looked for in a woman. 

Her smiles were normal. Her face was normal. He saw nothing different, nothing spectacular. 

Logic obviously failed him here because he left her on the bed, staring at his retreating form in confusion. 

Haruhi was a liabilty, Kyouya surmised, but perhaps he'll keep her around a little longer. 

Just for fun.


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