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TITLE: Stumble
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
NOTES: Gen. Namine + Kairi centric (i guess?). Pre-CoM and KH2

She woke up on the floor. The floor was hard and cold. She pushed herself up and saw nothing.

Then she blinked and saw the world. She touched her face and looked at her skin. She was too pale. This was not her original skin colour. 
She gingerly touched her hair. It was blonde. It wasn't supposed to be blonde. 
She said, "Namine." and knew it was her name. 

But it wasn't supposed to be her name. Namine was not her name. Her name was...

She frowned and tried again. Her name was...

She got up and looked into the water. Her eyes...they were different too. They were not her eyes. They were someone else's eyes. They were Namine's eyes. 

She touched her face again. Her hands were not the same either. Nothing fit. She was not Namine, she was not Namine, she was not! She refused to be Namine. She wanted to be...

She looked back into the water. She pointed to her reflection and trembling, she said, "Why can't I be you?"

TITLE: Dreamdrop
PAIRING: slight Sora + Roxas
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
NOTES: Takes place after KH2

Sora was dreaming. Sora knew he was dreaming because he saw Roxas. Roxas was standing behind a pane of glass. 
Roxas kept beating his hands against the wall of glass, but it didn't budge. Sora would approach the glass and press his hands against it. 
Roxas would look at him and with unspoken words, Roxas told him to break the mirror. 

Sora would then summon the keyblade and smash the mirror. It would shatter into several different pieces and they would hurtle towards him. 
They cut him and it would hurt a lot. But Sora was quiet. Roxas would then step outside and look at Sora. 

Sora never looked away, but he always wished he could. 

Roxas would then put his hands around Sora's neck and tighten. Sora would choke, but he wouldn't say anything. 

Roxas said the same thing over and over again. "Why?" he would shout, "Why couldn't it be you?"

And Sora would have no answer and Roxas would cry, because he couldn't kill Sora. Sora would pull him into a hug because he had nothing else to say. Roxas would cry untill the dream left Sora in the morning. 

Sora would then face the mirror in his room and say, "Good morning Roxas."

And Sora would be the one crying.

Drabble-esque stuff. Because I'm procrastinating like hell.
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