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TITLE: Lay down your cards
FANDOM: Black Cat (which I know nothing of BTW)
PAIRING: Creed x Train 
REQUEST: for Viola. Hope she feels better. 
SUMMARY: Creed does not miss. 
NOTES: pre-anime? I've seen the first episode, so it's a little bit before that. Drabble-esque

Creed was a perfectionist. He never missed. He aimed and he damn well hit what he was aiming for. There was no 'luck' involved. 
He would let you live because he wanted you to live. There was no such thing as 'luck'. 

It was boring. Being powerful, being perfect. He had everything he needed. The winning cards belonged to him. As time slowly gave way to his plans, he wondered if he was in charge of destiny. The manipulation, the techniques. It came to him easily and for that reason, he was fed up of the game. 

Who wants to be a winner when there aren't any losers?

But fighting with Train ahh...he could forfeit his life for a battle. For the first time, he would miss and there would be blood on his hands and face. 

And it was his blood. 

This made the game less boring. 

Every night, they would battle. Sword and gun screeching in the night, their movements fluid and their eyes unreadable. 

Creed could die at this man's hands. And for the first time, Creed left his life in this man's hands. He was no longer in control. 

He had laid down the cards. 

And Train said, "Forfeit."

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