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Yes, I'm on a writing spree. Woosh

TITLE: Original Meaning
FANDOM: ...Kingdom Hearts 2 
PAIRING: Gen. slight Cloud + Leon.
SUMMARY: "Cloud knows enough."
NOTES: Dialogue taken straight from the game. Leon amazes me. XD Drabble-esque.

When Leon says, "Don't make a mistake," he means, 'Don't get hurt.'

When Leon says, "Now I remember," he means, 'I'll never forget'

When Leon says, "I'll take care of it," he means, 'Don't do anything' 

When Leon says, "Good luck" he means 'You better come back.'

So when Leon said, "You're going again?", Cloud replied, "I'll be back."

Because they were both lying anyway.

TITLE: Thief
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts (pre-game somewhat)
PAIRING: Gen. Cloud-centric. 
SUMMARY: "His hands were shaking as he tugged the claws."

The World had been devoured. It had happened in a matter of seconds, it seemed. The houses, the trees, everything gone so easily, it didn't seem possible. Only Gods should be able to do this. 

Cloud shakily tried to remove the cloak. The body beside him wouldn't move. Cloud knew he was dead and he was better off leaving the body behind, but he had to at least take some memories with him. He...He didn't want to forget. 

So, feeling like a defiler, he removed Vincent's claws and his cloak. He slid the cloak around his neck. It felt warm, unusually so for a person like Vincent.

Cloud slid the claws onto his hand and opened a pathway in the darkness. His world was lost, but no matter. 

He bit his tongue quietly. Only Gods are this powerful...then he would find a God to fulfill his wish. 

He would kill Sephiroth...to avenge Vincent.


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