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TITLE: A little farther
PAIRING: Gen. slight Zack + Cloud
FANDOM: Final Fantasy: Last Order
SUMMARY: "Can you see it Cloud?"

"It's just a little farther Cloud," Zack says quietly. Cloud was still unresponsive, but Zack wouldn't let a little thing like that stop him, "See? There's Midgar, right there. You can see it from here. We're nearly home Cloud!" Was his voice breaking? God forbid. He couldn't...not yet...

He set Cloud down and pressed his wound gently. Even with SOLDIER abilities, he had lost a lot of blood. He knew he should have taken that damn First Aid course. 

"See Cloud," Zack said softly, "On the outskirts, just past those shops, we'll set an agency. A-," Zack paused, biting his lip slightly and brightened, "odd-jobs agency! It'll be called 'Zack and Cloud Odd-jobs shop!" He laughed, "Wouldn't that be great? Just us, on our own.."

Zack suddenly got up and unsheathed his Buster Sword. He laid it beside Cloud and smiled, "See, I know I'm breaing my promise. I said we'll be together right? We would get out and be free about four years. I promised right?"

"So I'll just leave my sword here," Zack said, "and lie down for a bit. A short nap. I've earned it! And then," Zack's voice lowered to a whisper, "And then we can start..."

Zack closed his eyes. Cloud's eyes remained open.

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That little movie was saaaaaaaaad. Zack. Cry. ;___; Man, I love Cloud to itty bitty bits, but that was the one time that I really hated him for being so unresponsive to Zack! Dumbass.

Very nice ficlet!
;____; You caught that last bit of hope so well in the ficlet. Oh, Zack... ;___;
*crying waterfalls* ZAAAACKUU!! *blows nose profusely on hankie* Wai, Timmy-cha... *sniffle* issoo saaad... *blows nose* but still soo... soo... hopeful!! *chokes and sobs*

Brigs: T.T You see what she's like with her little pets? And I'm the one who has to wash the hankies...