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Leaving on a blue train

I'm leaving on a blue train
Don't know when I'll be back
Say you'll never let me go...

Bladebreakers: *enter* WTF?

Oh, hey guys. I'm leaving for almost an entire week.

Bladebreakers: *burst into cheering and laughter*


Bladebreakers: *still cheering*

-__-....Mou, you guys are incredibly mean.

Kai: We learnt from the best.

Rei: No torture for a week!

What torture?

Max: Oh please, we all remember what you did to Alucard last time. That was *sheer* villany.

It wasn't that bad...

Tyson: -__-+ He was cowering in his coffin for weeks.

Hm, it really hit him hard...

Kenny: You *did* burn his favourite teddy-bear.


Rei: And you tossed Nathan's playstation out the window.


Tyson: Didn't you kill me and Kai several times?

Oh, you can't possibly blame me for *that* Every one has killed you at least once.

Kai: She has a point there.

*hoists her bags* Nevermind, bye!

Bladebreakers: *wave goodbye and start partying*

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