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TITLE: The Nickname
FANDOM: Final Fantasy 7
SUMMARY: "Sephiroth has had enough"

"I've had enough of this!"

Zack blinked, "Enough of what?"

"This!" Sephiroth slammed the paper onto the desk, "This-this-this!" He spluttered, leaving Zack to stare at him  curiously. 

"...Seph, you're not making any sense. Not that you ever do, but five million fangirls out there have high hopes for your sanity."

Sephiroth pointed a treacherous finger at Zack, "That."

Zack blinked, "That what?"

"That-that ...nickname?"

"What nickname Seph?"

"Aargh, that one! Since when have I ever been called Seph?! Where did that cute damnable nickname come from?!"

Zack shrugged, "From where fangirls get all their ideas from."

"Which is where?"

"God only knows. And God probably would avoid it if he knows what's good for him," Zack quipped helpfully.

Sephiroth groaned, "I'm the main final fantasy bad guy," He whined, "I can't be called something like 'Seph'!"

"Could be worse."

Sephiroth glared at him, "And how could it be worse?"

"We could end up calling you Sephy."

At this climatic point of the story, Cloud stepped in (random appearences rock!) and blinked. Looked at Sephiroth (who was banging his head against the desk) and glanced at Zack questioningly. 

"What's wrong with Seph?"

Sephiroth growled and left the room, "That's it. I'm going to burn something. Damnable fangirls and their damnable planet. All shall burn," He muttered as he walked away. 

Cloud blinked, "Did I say something wrong?"

"Nah Spike,"  Zack said, picking up the piece of paper that Sephiroth left behind, "He was having a mid-life crisis that's all."

Somewhere in the universe, fangirls burned.

SATS tomorrow. Watch me burn.XD

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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    Happy 2014, wherever you might be.


    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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