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For Kali-chan. Next installment of "Giving up the Most"

Chapter Nine: Dark are the ways of many
Notes: If you're not Kali-chan, then I suggest avoiding this. It won't make any sense.
Fandom: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Notes: Close to being completed! (gives a whoop) wasted two years of my life working on this fic.

Chapter Nine: Dark are the ways of many

Link didn’t know it was possible to hate himself as much as he did right now. Dark Link seemed to understand the inner workings of his mind because all he seemed to do was pull his already raw nerves tender. Sheik wasn’t pleased with this arrangement either. Neither of them slept at night, taking shifts and shooting surreptitious looks at Dark Link. Dark Link however was smiling day in and day out. Most of the time, he sticks close to Link and shoots insults from the top of his mouth. In the nights, he slept like a Goron and looked deceptively innocent.

“How do you know where the Wind Waker is anyway?” Sheik asked him intently. Dark Link shrugged his shoulders, “It belongs to me.”

Sheik snarled. Link turned grim-faced and said, “You’re lying.”

Dark Link sighed, “Well, it’s yours. But that makes it mine too.”

Link blinked, “I’m the Wind Master?”

Dark Link nods his head slightly and starts yawning. Link stared at the back of his twin (so to speak) and wondered what Dark Link hoped to gain from this endeavour. There was something odd about his insistence to come along with them, instead of just directing them towards the Wind Waker. Link had a map with him and Dark Link had seen it. So what was his motive? Link sighed and shouldered his bag once more. Sheik was unusually quiet these couple of days. Link knew that Sheik disagreed with his decision vehemently, but Link felt a ring of truth in Dark Link’s words. Or perhaps, for the first time in his life, he’s scared.

Scared that he trusts the darker side of himself. Scared that his decision would get him killed or worse, get Sheik killed. He made no promises to Impa, but he silently felt her eyes behind him when he walked away, saying, “Don’t let him die”

Link knew from the minute he walked away, that he had promised just that.


“Dark winds blow across Hyrule,” Impa said quietly, “I feel a tremendous presence in the air, stifling the people and choking the crops. Did you foresee anything, Your Highness?”

Zelda shook her head as she looked out her balcony, “My dreams stopped at the end of Gannon.”

“Nabooru mentioned movement in the desert,” Impa continued, “Do you suppose those two witches survived?”

Zelda looked troubled, “I don’t know. Father died too early and all this.” She sighed and leaned onto the balcony, “Perhaps Gannon was a foreshadowing of greater evils in Hyrule.”

“Your Highness!”

“Oh listen to me Impa,” Zelda said, the royal tone of her voice appearing, “Gannon was human as well as evil. That much I am willing to admit.”

“Link has placed doubt in you,” Impa noticed, “You would not have said that before.”

“Tell me Impa,” And Zelda’s voice sounded desperate, “Is there any way, we, the Great Sages, might have been wrong?”

Impa was quiet, watching the darkened clouds gather in the distance. Finally she said, “Perhaps,” And withdrew herself from Zelda’s presence.


Dark Link sidled up to Sheik and sat down next to him. Sheik ignored the impulse to move away. Link had gone to get firewood and had not returned yet. Sheik fingered his needles in his hand and glared at Dark Link. Dark Link ignored the pointed glare and fingered his sword. It looked exactly like the Master Sword would except the Triforce was pointing downwards and they were pitch black. It seemed menacing in nature and Sheik shuddered quietly. The needles trembled.

“Aren’t you high-strung,” Dark Link said as he slouched against the ground, “Rest assured, I won’t gain anything from killing you.”

“That doesn’t mean you won’t do it,” Sheik growled, “It’s probably a turn-on for you to kill people.”

“You’re right there,” Dark Link said smugly, “But my dear other half has slaughtered quite a few monsters. Doesn’t that make him like me?”

“They’re demons,” Sheik stated, “Their lives have no meaning other than destruction.”

“They’re humans,” Dark Link said, mimicking Sheik’s tone, “Their lives have no meaning other than living. Tell me something Sheikah, oh so benevolent holder of ‘truth’” And Dark Link leaned closer, so close that Sheik could feel his breath on his face, “Don’t you think he is a murderer?”

Sheik choked slightly before hardening, “Link saved Hyrule.”

“Ganondorf, contrary to what you have been taught, is the lesser of most evils,” Dark Link said as he pulled away and sheathed his sword, “Well, it really depends. Ganondorf liberated the ‘’monsters’ and Link liberated the ‘humans’. Which one deserved its fate?”

Sheik closed his eyes, “You’re trying to shake my faith.”

“I’m trying to enlighten you,” Dark Link’s eyes narrowed, “But I feel it’s a lesson lost on a Sheikah. Oh well. There’s always my dear Light.”

“Don’t call him that,” Sheik snapped, “He’s—,”

“—the Hero of Time,” Dark Link continued, “Poor soul.”

Sheik glared at him and continued to finger his needles waiting for Link to return. Already in his mind, he felt the shadowing of doubt.


Link stepped into the light of the campfire and blinked. For a minute there…

Nah, it was nothing, he thought, shaking his head. Link set the bundle of wood down quietly to his side and sat down. Sheik was leaning against the trunk of a tree, eyes shut. Or so it seemed. Sheik was a Sheikah. Link glanced around and spotted Dark Link fidgeting with his sword. Obviously the eerie silence pervading their campsite from all corners did not sit well with him. His lip twisted cruelly. Not that he cared an iota for Dark Link, his shadow twin.

Dark Link paused, giving Link a glare, “What kept you?” He huffed at Link. Link blinked at this odd show of emotion and shrugged, “Nothing.”

Sheik opened his eyes carefully and glared at Dark Link. Link frowned at that and realized that Sheik refused to meet his eyes. What had happened when he was gone? Link furrowed his brow and sighed. He felt his eyes being drawn to the flame. Slowly he reached his hand out to touch the fire.


Where are you?

Hero of time…

Hero of Time….

Hero of

“Link!” Sheik yelled and Link jerked his hand away from the fire, “What in the name of Din are you doing?!”

Dark Link quickly clapped a hand over Sheik’s mouth and hissed angrily, “You fool! Don’t utter the names of the goddesses here!”

Sheik glared at him and reluctantly nodded. Dark Link didn’t look appeased but removed his hand nevertheless. Link stared at his hand. It wasn’t burned. How? He was sure he put his hand in the middle of the fire. So why were there no burns?

Dark Link stared at Link’s hand curiously, “Well Light, I do believe we don’t need to head out on a long arduous typical heroic venture after all!” He clapped a hand to Link’s back, making Link wince, “I knew you would pull through!”

Sheik stared at him as if he was declaring that Ganondorf was secretly in love with Nabooru, “What are you going on about?”

Dark Link dramatically pointed to the campfire, “We found the Wind Waker.”

Link and Sheik stared at the fire and looked back at Dark Link, “….”

Dark Link pouted, “Aw, you think there’d be a little more trust in my abilities. The wind Waker isn’t hidden in some dusty old chest in an equally dusty dungeon like all your other items are. No, the Wind Waker is special,” the flame reflected in his black eyes and Link repressed a shudder of revulsion, “It has a will of its own, so to speak.”

Sheik snarled, “Sounds like a reel of Moblin talk to me. Link,” he said softly, lowering his tone purposefully, “You don’t believe him do you?”

Link glanced back at the fire. It flickered dangerously as if taunting him, edging him to make a choice. He never made choices before. He…

“What will you do Link?”

Link drew in a sharp breath, “I’ll help! I’ll help the princess! I’ll save the forest! I can do it Deku Tree!”

The eyes looked morose, “Very well then. Prove your worth Link!”

Prove your worth.

“….I made the choice didn’t I?” Link whispered, “And all this time I thought….” He closed his eyes in sorrow and slowly reached his hand once more towards the flame. Dark Link smirked while Sheik turned away in anger. He saw his hand being engulfed by the flames and resisted the urge to pull it away. He groped in the flames, searching for the Wind Waker. His fingers touched cool metal. Smiling, he gripped it tightly and pulled it out of the flames.

It was thin, almost like a sliver of a sword. It was cool to his touch, despite being bathed in fire. He fingered it gently and slipped it into his pouch. Sheik stared at him apprehensively, as if unsure of what he should say. Link looked at Dark Link and said, “Thank you.”

Dark Link smiled and trailed a lazy finger down his Master Sword, “You’re welcome partner.”

Link suddenly felt he had walked into the jaws of Volvagia.

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