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I think I may have made the stupidest mistake in my entire life. Problem is, I'm not sure.

Right, on my way to Gowri's house, I got hopelessly lost. I was walking around Little India for about an hour trying to figure out where her house was and which temple she meant (there were several in that particular district).

While I was doing that, a random African came up to me and started helping me out. Which was really nice. And suspicious. But I had been wandering for a while, so I was rather desperate. And this was Singapore.

Which isn't a good reason, but OH WELL.

I didn't expect him to go out trying to help me though. So I was rather touched by his single-mindedness and I kinda gave him my phonenumber. He asked though

So now, that I am saner from finding Gowri's house, I'm not sure whether I should call myself the biggest nincompoop in the entire world for giving a stranger my phonenumber or...well, maybe, just to trust this guy.


I'm in deep shit aren't I? D:

And these lyrics sum up my situation perfectly.

Could it be that I got bored and lonely
Could it be that I'm just dumb and horny
Could it be that Lady Luck has smiled herself on me

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...Well. Probably not much they can do with a phone number besides being really fucking annoying, anyhow. Although if you get too many messages/calls you might have to cut the card because of cost. *shrugs* But other than that, it's not like it's as bad as giving someone your credit card number, y'know?

(...I think. One hopes that they haven't invented a way to track down people via phone number, because that would suck.)
I told my dad and he said it wasn't that bad. I'll take his word for it.

(dear lord, I hope not)
I'd agree with this.

I've had random people ask me for my phone number at debate things because gasp!-I've never-seen-an-angmoh-girl-before-and/or-my-friends-think-this-is-a-funny-dare, and I haven't given it out, but I did end up telling people my email in a few cases. I never had a single response, so hopefully, yours will be the same?
o.O Wel this is interesting... I had a weird experience with a phone-stalker a while ago but seeing as how this guy actually asked for your number to your face, there's a chance of sanity here.

Dear Lord, I hope you at least got his name and vice-versa.
>.> Yes, I did. But I can't stay in contact with him. He's a guy I met on the street!

BTW, any chance you can come to Singapore this summer? *is hopeful whut*
*goes barnacle on your icon* Nope, no chance, tickets alreeady quasi-confirmed, am going via Amsterdam (which is easier than via the pacific since there's a direct flight now)

*pets the icon* Zacku... *to you* I'm clinically insane, no?
*clinging to Zacks pant leg and making googly heart eyes and girly noises* Aishiteru Zax-Sama!!!