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How to make sea-salt ice-cream for all KH fans

XD What? It's not like no one ever wondered how.

EDIT: WTF Ichigo and Grimmjow. Male testerone is all fine and dandy, but do you two have this perpetual deathwish?  And any minute soon Rukia x Orihime will become a pairing soon. Wait and see.
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I just know I am going to try making this once I see if my grandma has an ice cream maker... *cackles*

*convulses in fit of pre-gaming-game-withdrawal* Rikuuu.... *hisses and makes grabbing motions at pieces of carpet lint*
*hisses and goes barnacle on your leg* Tiiiimmyyyy... *gnaws on pencil* Riiikuuuu... Hsssss!! Roxxxxasssss...
*hisses and thrashes about because comp she's on won't let ehr save stuff* Riiikuuuu... hssss!!! Soraaaaaa...

Brigs: *snaps pic of icon* Say Paopu!