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D: And I was all hyped up for nothing. What the hell. Other than that, it was a very good movie. And Boromir was there. :D

We gamed a lot. We had a pistol war (which rocked) and then we shot ourselves a lot (CS is good fun that way).

Went to Kinokuniya. Bought Saiyuki #6 (IT'S FINALLY OUT YAY), Tactics #2 (I'm a Sakura Kinoshita fan, despite how weirdly her mangas are structured), X #17 (okay, I've read all of X, but I still prefer buying it) and Peacemaker Kurogane #1


SUZU, SUZU, SUZU WTF. BUT love. I love the way its developed. WHY didn't I pick it up before D:.

And Minekura TEASES US so badly in the sixth volume. For Example -

Hakkai: You should know...the next time I have my heart set on finding a girlfriend that won't die on me next time.
Gojyo: huh?
Hakkai: What can I say...she'll have a great physique, a pleasant disposition...and she'll bear children as if she were laying eggs
Gojyo: ....are we talking chickens now?
Hakkai: Meanwhile, I'll be hard at work all day, toiling for the sake of my huge family..and on my day off, the wife will find me a nuisance and have me thrown out of the house.
Gojyo: The mother hen rules the roost eh?

And let's not forget the Sanzo/Goku hints

Goku: So there you are.
Sanzo: ...am I not allowed here? What is it?
Goku: It's nothing. Just wondering where you went.
Sanzo:Relax, I'm not going anywhere.
Goku: ...Promise?
Sanzo: ....fine.

And later on...

Goku: ....if you were to just die suddenly, would I still think the same? ...would I....want you brought back from the dead?

And there's an adorable Sanzo/Goku picture at the end of the manga. Minekura, I knew you loved us.
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...LOTR now officially messes with every other movie I see.

Example: Silent Hill -> Isengard underground-caverns!
Oh shit, I thought that too. XD I kept going "oh that fire burning looks a lot like Isengard. I suck" XD