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Title: Giving up the Most 
Chapter: 10 - Foreign is the language of human nature
Notes: for Kali-chan. It's nearly done, it's nearly done YAY! Got about four-five chapters left. I think XD
Summary: Was that too much to ask? 

Chapter Ten: Foreign is the language of human nature


What made him choose?


I thought I could help


Is that all? Were you that selfless?


No, I was looking for something




A place of my own


Did you find it?


I thought I would


Where is it?


It never existed to begin with


So now what?


Nothing. Nothing. I…guess I’ll keep searching….


If you never find it?


There is no such thing as never




Clawing through the darkness, he felt his stomach drop in a bottomless hole. He kept struggling, kept falling back. He wanted to leave, but he was being dragged, dragged to that world, the world he never wanted to go to. He found himself on cold stone floor. His limbs have lost all feeling and he was kicked. He rolled away, pain etching scars for the first time onto his skin. He was alive, but he shouldn’t be, but he was alive. He started breathing for the first time and felt a strong hand grasp his chin. He couldn’t see; his eyes unused to the alien light of the world and he heard a voice say, “Kill.”


He never even bothered to ask why.


Dark Link blinked and shook his head. Those thoughts belonged to the paler shadow, the one Ganondorf dragged into the World of Light. Himself, in a manner of speaking. He saw through the other’s eyes as clearly as he could see through his own. He saw Ganondorf drop him in the dungeon to block Link’s progress. He watched the battle between his twin and his shadow. He watched Link drive his blade into the shadow’s body. He saw his blood and was scared. It wasn’t his blood, it was his shadow’s. Nevertheless, he knew his mortality, his life hanging by a Skulltula’s thread, so easily snapped if Link chose to.   


And he didn’t want to die.


Loyalty he owed to none. Ganondorf was never his master; Link was never his friend. It was so plainly set out in black and white that Dark Link felt like pointing a finger at the Goddesses and laughing at them.


“Look how much you’ve messed up!” He felt like telling them. He can’t imagine what their response would be. They probably won’t have a response. They would probably just sit there while Hyrule is ravaged by humans and monsters.


He glanced at Link who was fiddling with the Wind Waker. They found it, but no idea how to use it. Sheik was tone-deaf (he denied this) and Link was trying to come up with a tune that would help them find the Triforce (in other words, he had no clue whatsoever).


He knew what Link wanted with the Triforce. Dark Link wondered what would happen if Ganondorf did come back. In that slight possibility, what would happen? Would the whole cycle of villain versus hero begin once more? Would he be dragged again into a war he had no place in?


He didn’t want to die.


Was that so much to ask?




Link was tempted to bang his head against a tree. Or use the damnable Wind Waker as a nail file, because it wasn’t useful in anything else. He tried ‘swish and flick’ and ‘flick and swish’ but nothing happened (except Sheik burst into hysterics at his posing and Dark Link raised an eyebrow. Apparently they switched roles overnight). Link ran a frustrated hand through his hair. He was the Hero of Time, wasn’t this stuff supposed to come to him automatically?


This was more annoying than he pegged it to be. He was wondering whether it was worth going back to Hyrule and forgetting the whole thing. He counted his options and realized it would be better….for Sheik. He could not, would not go back to the Sages. Hyrule didn’t need him anymore. With Ganondorf gone, Hyrule had forgotten about the Hero who wasted seven years of his life saving them.


He paused and wished he hadn’t felt so cynical. It wasn’t so one-sided. He had to believe that. Link turned to the Wind Waker. Swish and flick (and vice versa) was unsuccessful, so he could try pointing or…


The wind rustled. Sheik stopped packing their supplies and turned to Link, “What did you do?”


Link blinked, “Nothing?”


“The wind just changed direction,” Sheik pointed out, “You must have done something. That is called the Wind Waker for a reason.” Dark Link chuckled at the obvious sarcasm in Sheik’s voice and Sheik mock-glared at him. Link blinked and pointed the wind south.


The wind rushed past him, nearly blowing his cap from his head. He shouted and quickly clutched onto his Kokiri cap in a death-grip. Sheik and Dark Link gave him disbelieving looks and Link whined, “But it’s my favourite cap!”


Sheik smiled, “Well now we know the shiny pointy wand-thing works.”


Link scowled as he straightened his cap, “Yeah, but we’re still at square one. We have no idea how to find the Triforce. The only thing I can do is make sure we don’t freeze in the night,” he muttered.


Dark Link tapped his cheek in thought, “I wonder if the wind itself can lead us the Triforce.”


Link glanced upwards to see if his cap was perched on his head. Satisfied, he turned to Dark Link, “So we follow the wind?”


“In theory: yes.”


Link frowned, “How effective would that be? I mean, would we be able to track the wind?”


Dark Link stopped tapping his cheek and shrugged, “Won’t know until we try right?”


Sheik said, “Sounds rather unreliable.”


“That’s the Wind Waker for you,” Dark Link said, slouching back slightly, “Unruly like a horse.”


Link looked affronted, “Horses are not unruly.”


“Ever tried hitting a horse?”


Link kept his mouth shut.


Sheik sighed, “But we don’t know how to get the wind to show us the way. The only thing Link has mastered is weather control,” he said, ignoring Link’s scowl.


Dark Link frowned, “You actually might have a point there. I guess we’ll have to wait till the Hero of Time pulls of miracle out of his green hat.”


“What did the hat ever do to you?” Link muttered, feeling rather self-conscious. Sheik smirked at Link’s expression and with reflexes only a Sheikah (or maybe a Zora) could possess, he snatched the cap from Link’s hat. Link gaped for a full five seconds before regaining his senses and chasing after Sheik. Dark Link sniggered as he watched Link futilely try to catch Sheik. It wasn’t so much as a chore anymore, he thought, as Sheik held the cap out of Link’s reach, it was that feeling of…


A feeling of…


What was it?


“C’mon Sheik, give it back!” Link said, jumping up to try and grab his cap. It dangled precariously out of Link’s grasp. Dark Link laid his head down onto the ground and pointed to the blackened sky.


“Ha, ha, ha,” he said bleakly, “I blame you guys for this.”


The sky didn’t respond. Dark Link dropped his hand onto the ground and closed his eyes. He could feel the grass rustle underneath his body and sighed.


Suddenly his simple world of black and white just became more complicated. He pressed his palms against his ears to block out Link’s laughter.




Zelda stopped in front of the gravestone. She hesitated before bending one knee and folding her hands in prayer. She straightened her skirt slightly and stared steadfastly at the gravestone in front of her. She blinked back tears and summoned up her voice to speak.


“Father…,” she said, “No, Your Majesty the King of Hyrule,” she shuddered and continued, “Please protect this land you loved. Please protect the people from the hardships they might face. I know you’re not one of the Goddesses, but if you can…if you can tell the Goddesses of the—,” She stopped and laughed bitterly, “I’m babbling. Oh Nayru, I’m babbling. I can’t believe this,” the tears finally escaped from her eyes and she choked back another sob from her throat, “I—I love this land. I don’t want—I don’t want us to fall into darkness Father. Anything, if you can do anything, then save these people. Protect them.”


She stopped and tried to regain her breath. She stumbled over her words as they flowed out of her like a dam reopened, “Because, Father, we don’t have a Hero anymore.”


And she really started to cry, her tears mingling with the dirt on the ground.




Do you remember the wind in Hyrule?


It was…warm. Like a breeze. It felt soft on the skin and it blew my fears away.


Would you like to own that wind?




What will you do?


Whatever is necessary




Link got up in the middle of the night, gasping. He saw a vision. He hadn’t received visions since he was a child. He remembered that dream clearly. Standing outside Castletown, he watched Zelda and Impa flee from the palace and he saw the dark man reaching out for him and…


This dream was different, he thought. He saw a black wind spreading from the tips of the lands and heading straight towards the plains of Hyrule. He had the Wind Waker in his hand in this dream and his wrist flicked and pointed at the black wind. The wind parted away and from the heavens descended the Triforce. Golden and twirling, they approached him and he placed a trembling hand onto the Triforce ready to tell them his wish.


Yet suddenly the Triforce shattered into a million pieces, flying all over Hyrule. He saw a jagged piece lodge itself into his heart and he felt himself fall. The black wind again reappeared and he saw two large golden eyes looking down at him.


Don’t look at me


The golden eyes turned away from him and the black wind covered his eyes until the light was completely enveloped by the dark. He couldn’t move with the Golden Piece of the Triforce still lodged in his heart. He tried to move, but he choked and he tightened his grip on the Wind Waker. The Golden Piece drove itself deeper, twisting and turning like a spinning top. He managed to get his hands around the Golden Piece and tried to pull it out. Slowly like a dagger, it slipped out of him. He coughed blood and saw a sea. It was a wide expansive sea and he was drowning in it. Below this sea was a kingdom.










And it was at that point of time when Link woke up. In all honesty, he felt like he would never walk up. Even his muscles and legs felt cramped as if they haven’t been used for ages. In fact, it felt rather similar to the time when he awakened after seven years residing in the Sacred Realm. Shivering slightly from the cold, he got up and looked at the sky. There were no stars in the Dark World. No moon, no stars, no light. It felt rather bleak, this world. Is that why Moblins and other dark creatures jumped at the chance of living in the Light World when Ganondorf opened the doors?


He removed the Wind Waker from the pouch and scrutinized it. Every time he came a little closer towards his goal, he felt he was walking further away from what he truly wanted. Or perhaps he didn’t know what he wanted anymore other than to plunge the world into chaos. He couldn’t understand what was happening. Hyrule had no seas. Those lands were located in the distant west, past the Goron Mountains. He had never even seen an ocean before. Yet that wide expansive sea twinkled in the sunlight like a glittering sea of aquamarine and he couldn’t shake the feeling of nostalgia. And that kingdom below the sea….what was it?


He closed his eyes as he tried to picture the movement he made to chase away the black wind. In his mind, he watched his hand move and unconsciously he copied it. Like a Zora ready for the plunge, he tensed his hand muscles and flicked the Wind Waker to the east and then spun it to face the West. He watched the pattern form in his mind and he imitated it to the best of his ability.


Somewhere in the east, the light stirred.


Link felt the stirrings of a harp and a violin in his head and he opened his eyes.


The sky was alit with light. Whatever trace of night and darkness was slowly being chased away by a blanket of golden colour. The trees shook from the force of the wind gathering around them. The ground was awash with light and Link felt like he was being blinded by the brilliance. But then the light on the ground faded into a thin line of silver and golden light meshed together. It seemed to lead further into the forest and near a distant hill. Link felt the bottom of his heart fall out. There, he knew what he would find.


Dark Link stirred and unconsciously shielded his eyes. Sheik was already awake. He carefully pulled his cap downwards and looked at the sky in amazement.


“You work fast,” Sheik said admiringly, staring at the sky. Link said nothing, silently fingering the Wind Waker.


He had found the path to the Triforce.

For those interested in reading this story, just ask and I'll post it up for you.
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