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Spike/Julia/Vicious OT3 for the win.

Or just Spike/Vicious works fine. But...I'm rethinking my opinion of Julia. Who for various reasons has my undying hate and umm....my sympathies? 

>.> Something like that. 



Cowboy Bebop marathon at my place. We can order pizza and chill.

EDIT: Nat, any plans for your birthday? What do you want for a present? What do you want to do? Anything special?
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People weren't supposed to remember my birthday. Damn!

No presents. It's cool. No, no plans as of yet, anything goes, really.
...Why is it on the LJ portal, wtf.

No presents, no.

Plans, I'm working on. Maybe gaming. And booze. And crashing at someone's place, if they don't mind, cos my place has absolutely nothing interesting.
You can crash mine. My parents won't even flinch. And I have tons of stuff like a Gamecube (with Supere Smash Bros) and a big screen TV.

If you're absolutely sure, I won't push the issue.
That's a possibility. On the other hand, how does 4 straight hours of CS sound? Just, you know, so we're all dead and broke by the end.
Tuesday or Wednesday. Or even tomorrow depending on your schedule. I'm free so no worries.
I don't know anything about Cowboy Beebop.

But. Ayesha's been talking about inviting people over for some time now, and if this is indeed that event,I'm willing to overlook whatever Cowboy Beebop is in order to have the chance to leave the house and spend time with other actual people.

...If she meant "direhard-Beebop-fans-only", then I'll, um, do something else.

YES I WANT PEOPLE HERE. No, this is not a terrible plea for help and excessive boredom.

Cowboy Bebop is fun. It just IS. It's an amazing time-pass show with lots of crack. You would like it.

So...anyone up for it?
Let see...something that Nat would like...a chess book? no she had enough of those...Ooo, I know someone...uhh something we can give her....hehehe