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TITLE: Giving up the Most
CHAPTER: 11 - Golden is the truth of the world
NOTES: ....Here, I unleash the storm. For Kali-chan as always

Chapter Eleven – Golden is the Truth of the World

Rauru felt the Sacred Realm tremble from an onslaught of power. He turned his head and watched the power around him fluctuate uncontrollably. Rauru spun on his heel and opened a small pathway into the Light World. In all honesty, seeking advice from the Other Sages seemed to be the best rational thing to do, but he was unsure about leaving Sacred Realm unguarded. Slowly, he traced a circle in the air and a ring of light descended upon the pedestal of the Sacred Realm.

Yet, the doubts persisted. He had heard of the rogue hero. He sighed and closed the door to the Light World. Would it be another repeat of the past?

He remembered the expedition the King had ordered to be sent into the Dark World when the doors were opened. He had taken one member from each tribe; Goron, Zora, Sheikah, Gerudo and Hyrulian. Kokiri was excluded because they can’t leave their forest. They would immediately wither and die. At the time, he watched the chosen members of the team.

Dorogo the Goron was dumb in his complete honesty, Fales in his swift cold manner when it came to tackling different situations, Bhoot the slim sharp Sheikah who trusted no one and Ganondorf the King of the Gerudo. Again, Rauru wondered why the King of Hyrule chose the King instead of perhaps the second in command Gade of the Gerudo. Ganondorf was harsh and cutting like the deserts of his people. Yet he volunteered himself for the expedition.

When he came back, bleeding and near death, he spat out at Impa the moment he saw her, “This was your fault! They died because of you!”

Rauru saw Impa flinch and Ganondorf collapsed. When he woke up, he said he had no recollection of the journey. The King didn’t see fit to question him any further and sent him back to his homeland. But Rauru recalled the burn in his eyes and the spark that would ignite the lands into a fire no one could purge. He saw the signs, but could he have done anything about it? No, he could not. He never knew, never could have known. How could he?

He was a Sage, not a Goddess.


“So we have to follow that?” Dark Link said, scrutinizing the thin line of light embedded onto the ground. The light had dimmed from the sky, leaving the same impassive darkness from before. All had faded except for the thin line that had appeared before. It felt rather odd to follow a line on the ground (not to mention disorientating. Link banged into a tree and Dark Link tripped over a rock. Sheik…was a Sheikah).

“It leads up to that hill,” Sheik said, pointing, “I think we’ll find the Triforce there. And Link can get his wish.”

Dark Link frowned, “What is his wish?”

Link and Sheik paused. Sheik turned to Link quizzically. Link felt his voice plummet. Did he really have to explain this? He…he really wanted to avoid this question. He could feel their eyes on him, egging him on for an answer.

“…I’m going to have some questions answered,” Link said finally, hoping the matter was put to rest. Dark Link didn’t look satisfied; in fact his eyes looked positively furious. Sheik dropped the topic, but he watched Dark Link from the corner of his eyes.

“And then what?” Dark Link continued, knowing fully well that he was walking on thin ice, “When your wish is fulfilled, what will you do?”

“I have no idea,” Link growled out, “I’ll think about that when I get there.”

Dark Link’s lips tightened, “Be careful what you wish for Light.”

“What?” Link’s hands crept up to the hilt of his Master Sword, “You don’t trust my judgement?”

“You can make mistakes too,” and Link trembled at that statement. Dark Link’s eyes were burning into his mind, “And I know that better than anyone.”

Link removed his hands from his hilt. His knuckles were white and he was sweating profusely. Never had someone insinuated that he made mistakes; that he was in some semblance, imperfect.

Not even Sheik.

Dark Link knew that he could mess up. In fact, Dark Link knew that…

Link could very well be leading everyone and Hyrule…into destruction.


Sheik set his needles down onto the ground as he adjusted his shawl. They had been trekking for three days and yet they didn’t seem to be getting any closer to the hill that the line was pointing to. His limbs ached for his bed and he was dying for his Mother’s cooking once more. In all honesty, he was nearing the end of his limit. The double-talk that Link and his double kept throwing at each other wore him out. At the end of day, he didn’t know how to trust anymore or whether he should trust anyone at all.

It was a sign to how desperate things had gotten. The perpetual darkness of the land was wearing his determination to stick with Link to the end. Perhaps that’s why Sasarala warned them about the Dark World. People who went here either came back dead or insane. Sheik had his doubts about which one was worse.

Link was sleeping peacefully. His twin, Dark Link was scrounging in the dark for more firewood. You always needed light here. Sometimes Sheik would spot the red and yellow eyes glaring at him from the shadows of the forest. He ignored them. They knew better, so they stayed a fair distance away. But one moment of weakness would have them all with their throats ripped out.

Sheik had seen it before.

He sighed and slipped his needles in-between his fingers. The needle throw was an old Sheikah technique which he had perfected just recently. He found that his throwing reflexes worked the best and that swords were a tad too heavy and unreliable. Some Sheikah stories warned you about relying too heavily on a sword as it can easily chop off your head as well as the enemies. The sword cannot tell the difference between friend and foe.

Looking at Link, Sheik wondered if the same rule applies. The Sages, unable to stop Ganondorf, forced Link to take on the role of the Hero of Time and then after the crisis was over, left him behind with too adult-memories on a child. How did they expect him to cope? Did they know that Link would abandon them?

Sheik had a feeling that Impa knew. And even Zelda. If so, then why?

Why did there have to be ONE Hero?

Dark Link threw the pile of firewood onto the ground, “So he can sleep.”

Sheik wanted to ignore him, but decided to deign a response instead, “What do you mean by that?”

Dark Link shrugged, “Well, from the way he parades himself around you’d think he had the whole world on his shoulders.”

Sheik snarled, “Doesn’t he?”

“Shouldn’t he be used to it by now?” Dark Link countered. Sheik drew back and hissed softly.

“At least there are no more dreams coming,” Dark Link said, feeding sticks into the fire, “That’s a relief.”

“Dreams?” Sheik stared at Link curiously. Link’s eyes were blissfully closed and there was no indication of any kind of troubled sleep.

“Prophetic dreams,” Dark Link clarified, “We—He got them when he was younger.”

Sheik took in a deep breath, “But that’s impossible. Only the Royal Family has the power to—oh my Goddess,”

“Wow,” Sheik mulled over that thought, “I would have expected the Hero of Time to be of some great lineage like Royalty or maybe a Chief Sheikah…”

“Maybe I could be a Goron and I never knew it,” Link said jokingly.

“Well you eat like one,” Sheik said, watching Link’s face turn red in embarrassment and smirked, “Who knows? Maybe you’re related to Zelda. Her long-lost brother or something.”

Link rolled his eyes, “I hope not. Goddesses help me if I was in ANY way related to her. She’d rip me to shreds!”

“Oi Sheikah!” Dark Link snapped, “Care to explain the drama?”

Sheik turned horrified eyes onto Dark Link. The double took a step back from the look on Sheik’s face and wondered what was running through the Sheikah’s head. Sheik took in another deep breath and hoarsely said, “What if—What if Link was related to Zelda?”

Dark Link made a face, “Oh joy.”

Sheik would have found Dark Link’s disgust amusing if he hadn’t felt rather shell-shocked instead.

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    I wonder if it's possible to make a life for yourself if you keep failing secondary education.

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    I'm starting to wonder if good MCU Bucky players are like mythical creatures. Everyone thinks they exist, but they really don't.

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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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