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TITLE: Giving up the Most
CHAPTER: 12 - honesty is the road to deception
NOTES: OH GOD, it's so close to completion that I'm rushing through it. I should be careful. For Kali-chan.

Chapter Twelve – Honesty is the road to deception

“So you’re saying I’m related to Zelda because I have prophetic dreams just like she does,” Link said.

Sheik nodded.

“—So technically, I’m the King of Hyrule,” Link finished, “That sounds like a badly written Gerudo romance novel.”

“….I’ll ignore the last bit,” Sheik said, shuffling in embarrassment. The Gerudo don’t get out often, therefore their ideas of romance and reality are somewhat skewered (if not very).

“You can’t be serious Sheik. If all that was true, then how come the Royal Family isn’t hunting for this lost heir?” Link said disbelievingly, “I mean it’s not like I thought I was dead. Right?”

Sheik shuffled uncomfortably, “Actually. The Royal Family had twins and one of them mysterious disappeared soon after the baptism.”

Link stared, “…What?”

Sheik ploughed ahead, “They say the Queen caught wind of a plot and she run away with both the twins. She entrusted one to Impa and we don’t know what happened to the other child. All we know is that we never found her body or the child. They were written off as dead by the Court and Zelda returned after five years in Impa’s care once the danger had subsided.”

Link’s brows creased, “Wait, there was some war going on at that time right?”

“The details are sketchy,” Sheik said, “But yes, there was a conflict between the Tribes. When Ganondorf returned, some tribes petitioned for another return trip into the Dark World. The King refused and there was chaos in the land.”

“Sheik,” Link said quietly, his blue eyes darkening, “What was Ganondorf’s take on this?”

Sheik shrugged, “I have no idea. I don’t know which side he was on. Ganondorf knew best what the Dark World contained. Whether he was for or against the journey to the Dark World, I can’t say.”

Link sighed, “Square one again,” He glanced at his twin, “What do you think Ganondorf would have chosen? You knew him best.”

Dark Link glared at him, “That’s stretching it. I know him as well as you know him.”

Link arched an eyebrow at him quizzically. Dark Link lowered his gaze, “I do not like talking about him.”

Sheik and Link gave each other a look of surprise.

“Wasn’t he your master?” Sheik asked.

“Of course. I appreciated him as much as a slave would appreciate a master,” Dark Link said, crossing his legs and staring down at them, “What did you expect?”

“Something else,” Link said quietly, “But it’s good that we’re wrong isn’t it?”

Dark Link started at his words and lowered his gaze once more. Link smiled at his apparent discomfort and shouldered his bag once more.

“I think we’re getting somewhere,” He said cheerfully and they knew what he meant.


It was all about making the choice.

Why do I doubt?

I cast it aside

Damn loyalties

Cheap as breadcrumbs

Yet I stumble

And see the blue

….He is my…


Dark Link nearly lost his hold on the rocky step. Immediately he tightened his grip, feeling the rough stone dig into his skin. He cursed silently and continued to make his way upwards. Sheik was already far ahead and he and his twin were just barely making a good pace. The wind whipped around them. He almost wished he had suggested using the Wind Waker to spirit them to the top, but he knew better. Easily the black crows would massacre them if they chose that route. Yet this one wasn’t faring any better. With its lack of footholds, all that kept them from plummeting to their death was a rope tied on their waists.

Again, he tried to climb forward. Link was faring a little better, but not by much. He could see his twin’s face contorted in pain as he struggled to move forward.

“There’s a good ledge here!” Sheik shouted down to them, “We can rest here for the night!”

Blessed be, thought Dark Link, only a little more then. The same relief shone on his twin’s face as they gathered up the last vestiges of their strength to make the climb. Grappling with the rocks, Dark Link kept moving upwards. It felt rather dizzy to keep this up. He reached out for the other foothold.

Only for it to break at his touch. He yelled as he felt his weight give way and he pressed his hands against the rock, trying not to fall. Link jerked as he felt himself being pulled down. He turned to see Dark Link struggling to grab some foothold on the cliff edge.

“Link!” Sheik yelled out into the wind. Link immediately started climbing down to where Dark Link was. Dark Link was holding onto the cliff wall for his dear life. Link gritted his teeth and reached out a hand.

“Grab it!”

Dark Link stared at the hand in disbelief and then without a second thought, clutched onto it. Link grinned and pulled Dark Link higher. Sheik helped pull Dark Link onto the ledge and Link climbed onto it a few seconds later. Sheik panted and wiped his brow, “You’re heavy.”

Dark Link whacked him on his head, “Sorry.”

They glared at each other in mutual hatred. Link smiled at both of them and looked out at the wind hurtling at all corners. He wondered if it was the Wind Waker causing this unnatural wind. Or perhaps it was the Triforce trying to force them back. Why?

Link sighed and looked back at them, “If you’re done aiming daggers at each other with your eyes, could you guys get in the cave before the storm gets any worse?”

Sheik and Dark Link reluctantly broke their gaze and stared at the storm gathering around them.

“Can’t you do anything about it with the pointy wand?” Dark Link mocked. Link glared at him. Sheik didn’t say anything (but he was thinking along the same lines as Dark Link).

“I can try,” Link said, “Though I don’t think I can tame storms.”

Dark Link groaned, “That thing is useless,” he snorted, “Fine, we’ll take shelter in the cave.”

Link nodded, “Good,” he said quietly, looking at the storm with distant eyes.

Could it be…that the Triforce had already judged them unworthy?


Link set the bags down at the end of the cave. Sheik was already sorting out the inventory to see if there was anything they could forsake as they continued. His twin was outside, staring at the storm thoughtfully. Link stepped outside and flinched from the violent gusts of wind. It was a miracle that brought them so far. Again, he frowned at the storm as if trying to determine its purpose. He didn’t want to believe that the Triforce could be deterring them from their goal, but it sounds so plausible…

Link bit his lip in confusion. He felt lost, unable to choose what is best. If the Triforce was stopping them or trying to, then shouldn’t they leave it alone? But he came so far to have his wish granted. There’s nothing left for him to do in Hyrule, so he had no option but to move forward.

He felt his doubts leave him temporarily as he approached Dark Link tentatively, “What are you looking for?”

Dark Link glanced at him and looked back at the burgeoning storm, “I’m not sure. A sign, I guess.”

Link sat down onto the cliff edge. He felt the wind clawing at him and ignored it, “Do you have any deities here?”

Dark Link sat down next to him, “Two old gods. They look like frogs really. I met them both briefly before you showed up.”

“What did they say?”

“That you would show up. And you were to be the New Wind Master,” Dark Link turned his black eyes at Link. Those eyes didn’t seem to be the same eyes Link remembered from before, “And I was to be—,”

“You were to be what?” Link asked.

Dark Link opened and closed his mouth stubbornly, “It doesn’t matter,” he said.

Link grinned and ruffled his head. Dark Link started and glared at Link.

“Don’t worry so much,” Link said, continuing to ruffle Dark Link’s hair, “We’re like twins right? We’ll look after each other. After all,” and Link’s eyes were open and trusting, “You know me best don’t you?”

Dark Link turned away, “….Yeah.”

Link smiled and with one last ruffle returned to the cave. Dark Link continued to stare at the storm impassively. He felt like laughing, but for some reason, his voice was caught in his throat and all that could escape were a few choked sobs.

*stretches* On a roll, on the roll, I think I might actually start posting this damn thing.
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