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TITLE: It's a beautiful future
FANDOM: Full Metal Alchemist (anime I guess)
PAIRING: None (slightly hinted Roy x Ed I think)
NOTES: Inspiration gotten from the latest two fma chapters

Ed threw the reports at Roy and huffed, "You probably know everything in there already."

"Perhaps," Roy said, catching the report and setting on his desk, "But I'd rather hear it in your words. Rumours are horribly unreliable."

Ed snorted, "I don't see why you bother."

"It's good to keep in touch," Roy said absently fingering the pages. He then smirked and opened the report, "Nothing went wrong, I hope?"

Ed leaned back on his chair, rocking it slightly, "No. Oh, wait," Ed snapped his fingers as he stood up, "I heard this crazy rumour from the guy you sent us to."

"I see. What did he say?" Roy said, not missing a beat.

"He said you were one of the most idealistic and idiotic soldiers in Ishbal and you and Hughes were hoping for a beautiful future," Edward said in one breath.

Roy arched an elegant eyebrow, "And?"

"It isn't true, is it? There's no way a bastard like you would be so...so..," Edward threw his hands up in the air for melodramatic effect, "naive."

"Is there something wrong with being naive?"

Ed stared at him, "...Then it's true?"

"I should hope so. Hughes would be very disappointed if it wasn't."

Ed continued to stare at the Colonel, "...You learn something new everyday," Edward finished weakly, "Why?"

"What's wrong with that? Aren't youngsters idealistic these days?" Roy countered.

"You sound like an old man," Ed pointed out, "And all I'm concerned with is getting my brother's body back."

"Isn't that idealistic? Does the Philosopher's stone even exist?" Roy said, his eyes hardening.

"Bastard, don't you dare mock me!" Edward had already transmuted his arm into a sword, "You have no idea--,"

"No Full Metal," Roy cut in delicately, "You have no idea."

An uncomfortable silence descended upon them. Edward sighed and transmuted his arm back, "Whatever. It's your dream. You deal with it asshole."

Roy smirked, knowing fully well that he had won the round.

Edward clicked his heels together in a mock salute and proceeded to leave. But before opening the door, Ed asked, "Do you think you're any closer...to that beautiful future of yours?"

"Can't say," Roy said casually. Edward nodded and closed the door. Roy picked up Edward's report and raised it up. He glanced at the door and smiled.

"Well," Roy said to himself, "I think we've made some progress."


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