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I finally started on Jeeta's CDS and the He-man episodes. And I remembered why I liked Orko so much.

Man-At-Arms: Where did the dragon babies come from?
Orko: From dragon mothers!
Man-At-Arms: .....thank you Orko

And Adam = LOVE

Man-At-Arms: This is our new secret weapon *holds up belt*
Adam: Oh, I get it. We put this belt on Skeletor and he'll be so disgraced to be wearing that, he'll never show his face again!
Orko: Really?
Man-At-Arms: NO.

And Skeletor is just so dumb. XD
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Love for classic!cartooning at it's best, ne? XD *is back online and likely to stay so for a while tonight*
Actually, I'm watching the new version. Which is really cool. It has the origin stories *___* King Grayskull and all that. Very cool
It's still classic! It just has a fesh coat of paint and a new nitro booster (so to speak). XD
Never really watched He-Man, but the beginning was just so corny and annoyed me so much I didn't want to try. Sounds funny...