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TITLE: Dreaming
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts
PAIRING: Axel x Roxas
NOTES: Sora-centric

He remembered the touch on his shoulder. It was a warm hand and a warm smile. Ever since he had been birthed into this world, he remembered that hand. Leading him into the corridor where the others like him lived

Sora closed his eyes and turned in his bed.

"You should be sleeping," The voice told him. He couldn't place it, just like he couldn't place in the hand in his dreams. And then he felt warm, those hands made him warm. He was being held, being touched and he was sure...he was sure he was alive.

Sora pressed his head against the pillow.

"You can't betray the Organization" The voice yelled at him, pleading for him to return. And he wanted to return. He didn't want to leave...but someone was calling for him, beckoning him to find the rest of himself. He didn't want to discard his new identity, but he wouldn't abandon the other one

Sora sighed and curled up in his bed.

He was walking away, he knew it. He was not supposed to exist. Nothing belonged to him. Everything belonged to the other person. And he wanted to cry because he never asked for much anyway, but he just wanted, just wanted to live.

Sora shuddered and pulled his quilt to cover himself.

"Why? Why did he choose you?" Roxas asked him again, his grip tightening on Sora's neck. Every night, they would replay their lives. Sora would see Roxas, but Roxas could not see Sora, would not see him. Looking at Sora would remind him again and again of the existence he lost. Roxas could never kill Sora and Sora would always let Roxas kill him. And Roxas would be crying because he did want to kill Sora, wanted to end an existence.

Sora woke up and ran a hand through his hair. For a moment, he believed he was.......

I was reading some journals on the Kingdom Hearts 2 and I realized how extremely SAD some of the characters were. Roxas, Axel, even Demyx for that matter, really wanted nothing to do with Xemnas' plan. And Sora...I love Sora, but honestly... I feel like hitting the guy sometimes.

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