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...I got my SAT score....

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DUDE, please, as my b'day present? Think of fluffy things and Cloud (minus the angst) and Zach and OT3s and Jack Sparrow and Nat in a cage and CS and fairies and ginger bread and apple pie and George R R Martin and Aragorn and Pippin and kittens and christmas. You have all of us and you can always redo the SATs!! (As much as it sucks to have to redo that ridiculous, attempt to confuddle you paper. What the hell are those 5 minute breaks anyway?) We love you!! Very much!!! I'll buy you ice cream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *huggles Ayesha muchly*
We can actually do Nat in a cage. Or even better, Nat in a fluffy pink dress with ruffles on. Howzat, huh.
*watches teh silly Singaporeans cheering up Timmy*

*realises she's started addressing The Singaporeans almost like inferior life forms a la DOnraj*

*runs to psychologist for emergency check up*

Bleah. Those things raise trick questions to an ART FORM, lady. The only reason I got by 'em so well is I wasn't taking the 'new and improved' version.