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TITLE: Giving up the Most
CHAPTER: 12 - Prophetic are the words of a God
NOTES: About two more chapters (not counting the epilogue I think) to go. For Kali-chan.

Chapter Thirteen – Prophetic are the words of a God

“Is that him Zephos?”

“It is, it is!”

“And his darker half is there as well.”

“As you predicted Cyclos.”

“Should we go down to meet him?”

“I think we should. It’s the least we can do.”


“Another one died,” Nabooru said distantly, pulling over the covers, “The desert sickness is getting worse.”

Ganondorf coldly surveyed the body laid in front of him. The body was to be burnt the minute the sun hit the highest peak in the sky. It was a special honour. But Ganondorf couldn’t see honour in these deaths.

“Our only option…is to leave the desert,” Ganondorf said, “The pastures of Hyrule are wide. I’m sure they can accommodate us.”

“We can’t leave the desert! Our duty, our lives are bound here!” Nabooru snapped, “What about the temple Ganondorf? Who will guard the temple once we’re gone! It is our duty—,”

“To stay here and die?!” Ganondorf roared causing Nabooru to flinch, “We’ve outgrown the old customs Nabooru. That black wind that comes from the desert will destroy us all. Either we leave and our tribe survives or we stay and die like martyrs.”

Nabooru sighed, “What should we do, My King?”

“We go to Castletown. The King must give us land…or face the consequences,” Ganondorf said, pulling his lips tightly and strode out of the room. Nabooru gently covered the body and clutched onto the white cloth like a lifeline.

“Goddesses above, save us in our time of need. I fear we are dangling above the abyss,” Nabooru whispered and pressed a kiss onto the dead body, “Gade, what would you have said to him? I do not know his mind like you did.”

She turned to the desert, “Black winds…”


Sheik woke up. The storm was still bellowing outside and red and yellow sands were hurtling in the air. It was unnerving and Sheik wondered how long this storm would last. He leaned against the wall and watched the winds dance around the entrance of the cave. Sheik wished that he could throw needles at the storm. He was really getting annoyed by this delay. And the Triforce was right there at the top of the hill! It was ironic and grating.

Link stirred and got up. He blinked blearily at Sheik as if he couldn’t recognize him for a moment and then grabbed his cap and put it on his head.

“Have you been awake for long?” Link asked, yawning.

Sheik shook his head and continued to stare at the storm. Link sat down opposite to Sheik and did the same. Odd, he thought, there was something moving in the storm…

“Sheik…what is that?” Link said, pointing to the two dark shapes in the eye of the storm. Sheik blinked.

“I have…no idea?” Sheik said helpfully.

Link sighed, “Thank you Sheik.”

“Wow, everyone is up early,” Dark Link said stretching his legs, “There’s hope for us yet.”

Sheik glared at him while Link stared at the two hovering shapes. They looked like…frogs, but that was impossible.

Dark Link frowned, “What are you all staring at?”

Link and Sheik pointed at the two weird shapes in the storm. Dark Link narrowed his eyes at the shapes but then it cleared up. He chuckled and sat down next to Link.

“I don’t think we need to worry about that storm anymore,” Dark Link said, “Help is on the way.”

Link and Sheik shared a puzzled glance and shrugged. They watched cautiously as the two shapes began to approach them. They broke through the storm with surprising ease. Sheik and Link gaped as two large toad-like creatures on small yellow clouds came up to them. They looked rather like the singing frogs from the Zora River.

“Cyclos you fool! You went overboard with the storm!” The green frog yelled.

“It was the fastest way to get there!” the red frog yelled back, “Besides, they’re fine aren’t they?”

“Nice try,” the green frog muttered.


“HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR BROTHER,” the green frog roared, his pupils dilating in anger.

“Warty Zephos,” Cyclos said, knowingly taunting his brother in a rage.

“Oh don’t you dare—,”

Dark Link cleared his throat, interrupting the brothers. Cyclos and Zephos looked embarrassed to be caught during a family quarrel. Dark Link sighed, “Honestly. Great first impression you’ve made yourselves to be. I think the Hero is suitably traumatized.”

“Thanks for the heartfelt confidence,” Link muttered under his breath.

Cyclos and Zephos exchanged a glance and then turned to Link.

“Hero of Time, I presume?” Zephos said courteously, “I apologize for the storm. My brother got a little carried away.”

Cyclos ignored him, “At any rate, we’re here to dispel the magic in the mountain and help you with your quest.”

Sheik couldn’t contain his curiosity any more, “But what are you?”

“We? We are the Wind Gods. True, you don’t see us in Hyrule anymore, but we still do our part there,” Cyclos said, “However, we’ve been here waiting for him to show up.”

“Me?” Link said, “Why?”

Again the brothers exchanged a knowing look between themselves and turned back to Link.

“That’s for us to know,” Zephos said sadly, “I’m sure in due time, you’ll find out for yourself.”

Link frowned and his eyes darkened. Cyclos saw that and continued, “Trust me Hero. The truth is not always as you make it out to be. I suggest you count your blessings and go on your quest. You mustn’t get sidetracked by pointless things on the way.”

“Remember,” Zephos said, “You are the Hero of Time, the Goddesses favourite. Trust in what you believe and do not go astray.”

“And….and…Zephos, was there anything else we needed to say?” Cyclos said, at a loss.

Zephos pulled out a checklist out of nowhere and began ticking it off, “Let’s see. Advise Hero check, Dispel magic,” he turned to see Cyclos dissipating the storm, “…check. We’re done here!”

“Good,” Cyclose said, “Take care Hero and his disciples!”

Sheik and Dark Link spluttered in anger while Link just smirked and waved goodbye.

Cyclos and Zephos left, leaving a gust of wind in their wake.

“Disciples!!” Sheik yelled in anger. Link chuckled and looked at the peak. The storm has vanished and Link could see traces of golden light in the sky.

“We should start moving,” Link said, “There’s nothing else there to stop us.”

Dark Link remained quiet.

I actually had more writing about the Gods than I thought. XD But I always liked them anyway.
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