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A pretty LoTR video

I'm not even a fan of this pairing, but Frodo and Sam always make me wibble T___T

EDIT: I worry for America. Their new TV shows are incredibly ghei.

Especially Chase Young and his....obsession with Omi.

Very worrying.

So worrying that I'm still hooked damn you subtext
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Yeah, America is so ghei it makes the ghetto look normal. :D No seriously, Chase and Omi are both obsessed with each other I can't help but wonder what Chase will do when Omi gets past 18. >>;

LoTR fangirling now? ♥
Eighteen, scheighteen, the way Chase is going on about it, it's high on pedophilia

LoTR fangirling FTW! XD
Typo - Merry. XD 'Mary'

Merry and Pippin are several levels of adorable. Frodo and Sam are angst on toast.
I was just testing you! Or not. >_>;

I compare Merry and Pippin like strawberry shebert while Frodo and Sam are multi-floavored lollipops.