Silver-haired, chest-baring psychopath + Silver-haired, chest-baring psychopath = hot pointless sex/smut/citrus-flavoured eyecandy following the usual course of fangirl (il)logic?

Personally, I'd pay money and pocky to see the fight if they tried to decide who'd be top... X3 (think that comic by Bri-chan: Goku, Sailor Moon & the Last Donut)
BUT it makes no sense!! >.> Besides Sephiroth is too damned Cloud obsessed in KH (REALLY THAT BAD WTF NOMURA) and vice versa.

But I would pay to see who tops actually. That's worth the money. XD
Dear, making no sense whatsoever has NEVER stopped the fangirls before and it NEVER will in future...
Dear, can you explain Auron/Sephiroth too? 'Cause I've taken a liking to them. XD; *no clue how*



I wasn't even expecting it! I was reading a Riku/Sora fic when it came out of the blue and I was like 'OH GOD NO.'