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TITLE: Change
FANDOM: Kingdom Hearts 2
SUMMARY: Cloud changes his wardrobe.

By Timberwolf220

“You’re wearing black now,” Leon noted as he watched Cloud stuff various clothes into a large trunk in his room. The costume change warranted his curiosity as he knew Cloud had very large personal reasons for his golden claw and red cloak.

Vincent’s Claw and Coat

They never did find his body. Cloud never talked about it and his name was never mentioned. It was borderline taboo in Hollow Bastion. Cid would grunt and ignore you for the rest of the day; Yuffie would be at a loss and would make up some half-baked excuse to leave. Tifa would be silent, but a few tears would escape and she would dry her eyes quietly in a corner. Aerith…Aerith would give you a sad look and you would immediately drop the subject.

No one ever spoke to Cloud about Vincent so no one can imagine his reaction to Vincent.

“I figured I could use the change,” Cloud said nonchalantly, pushing some of his blonde bangs off his forehead as he struggled with the trunk. He shot a smirk to Leon, “Though it does seem I have done some copyright infringement.”


Cloud stood up and tapped the iron emblem on the left side of his shirt. It was a fierce looking lion (or a really old-fashioned doorknob stuck onto Cloud’s shirt). Leon hadn’t noticed it before, which was odd for him. Of all people, he had noticed the difference. Obviously he wasn’t as perceptive as he gave himself credit to be. Or Cloud knew him better than he thought.

“What do you think of it?” Cloud said, tapping it lightly, “Not bad eh?”

Leon scoffed, “It’s a doorknob.”

“It is not.”

“So is.”

“Is not.”

“Is too—We sound like Sora goddamnit,” Leon said, slapping a hand to his forehead, “Great.”

Cloud chuckled lightly as he finally shut the trunk. He pulled out a brass key and quickly locked it. He stared at it impassively for a few minutes. Leon watched as a myriad of emotions flitted through Cloud’s face, never staying longer than a second. With a jolt, he realized that Cloud might be beyond his understanding.

He quelled those thoughts.

“What are you going to do about that?” Leon asked, pointing to the chest.

Cloud frowned, “No idea. I thought I would give it to Cid, but he’ll most likely throw the damn thing in my face.”


Cloud hesitated, “Well, he was closest to Cid, other than me and Yuffie I think.”


“Cid wouldn’t think of it as a favour,” Cloud interrupted him, turning back to the chest regretfully, “Cid would look at it as an insult.”

“To you?”

“No,” Cloud’s eyes were worn out, “To him.”

Never had Cloud come so close to mentioning Vincent. Leon tried to prod on as tactfully as he could, “You never talk about him.”

“What’s there to say,” Cloud sighed, running a hand through his hair and grumbled, “'I’m sorry, but I saw our friend die and there was nothing else I could do?!'”

“So that’s why…” Leon tapped his chin and his eyes were steely.

“What?” Cloud snapped. He was feeling angry over nothing and he knew it. Yet, the tone of Leon’s voice sounded almost presumptuous…as if he could understand Cloud’s emotions about Vincent, “What do you know? Vincent was--,”

“A casualty,” Leon’s blunt voice immediately crushed Cloud’s convictions, “Face it Cloud. He wasn’t the only victim or person we couldn’t save when Hollow Bastion was overrun.”

Cloud grabbed Leon’s collar and shoved him against the wall. Leon looked at him impassively.

“I WAS THERE,” Cloud grated out, his breath coming out in short gasps, “I WAS THERE and I couldn’t do a DAMNED thing. NOTHING. Sound familiar?”

Now Leon looked ready to kill, “Rinoa’s death was completely different from Vincent’s and you know that. Look at you! You can’t save everyone. You’re not a Hero!”

Cloud let go of Leon and stared at him in shock.

“Not a hero.”

Leon stood up and looked Cloud in the eye, “Let Sora be the Hero.”

Cloud chuckled. He couldn’t help it, “Sora and his two sidekicks, Donald Dee and Goofy Gum.”

Leon smirked and lowered his eyes, “I hadn’t meant to go that far,” he said softly.

It wasn’t an apology, but it’ll have to do. Cloud smiled and laid a hand on Leon’s shoulder. They didn’t say anything, soaking up the moment. Cloud glanced at the trunk and rubbed his forehead, “Right. Now what to do about that?”

Leon smirked, “I have an idea.”


Merlin closed his books with a sigh when he heard a knock on the door. Odd, he thought. He opened the door to see a large trunk on his doorstep with no one in tow. He opened it with a simple unlock spell and looked at the contents curiously. His face brightened as he pulled out a large red cloak.

“Excellent!” He beamed, “Another addition to my cosplay wardrobe!”


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    With talk of Civil War and Ant-Man, maybe the MCU will destroy itself in a blaze of glory. One can hope.

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    Happy 2014, wherever you might be.


    So everything could have been averted if Dean and Sam just gave Cas hugs.

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