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TITLE: Giving up the Most
Chapter: 13 - The Beginning of the End (Part One) [sounds awfully contradictory XD]
NOTES: Ummm...this is being posted of ff.net as well. so to avoid spoilers, I suggest to start reading it there.

Chapter Thirteen – The Beginning of the End (Part One)

It felt like a dream.

In all honestly, Link felt like he was walking towards something he believed in would grant him peace, but doesn’t exist. Like the faint glimmering of a butterfly, it escapes him again. Every step towards the peak, he doubted. He was scared and Heroes don’t admit they’re scared. It defies the norms of life from him to say that.

But nothing can change the rolling ball in his stomach, the lurch in his throat and the clench of his heart and mind. A death knoll was ringing in his head and he could see the tower of his life crumbling. In his mind’s eyes, he recalled the dream where he was stabbed by the Triforce.

“The pinnacle Link,” Sheik nudged him gently, “If you keep looking down, you’ll stumble.”

Link nodded, unable to form a coherent response. He remembered what Cyclos had told him.

“You mustn’t get sidetracked by pointless things on the way.”

“Trust in what you believe and do not go astray.”

Trust in what you believe, Link echoed the words in his head. He paused and shook his head. He had no idea what to believe in anymore. His faith in the Sages were broken, his trust in Hyrule was abandoned. What was left?

Dark Link watched Link’s reactions from the corner of his eyes. He could feel the discontent, the tension palpable around all of them. They were scared and they would not admit it. Somehow, it felt even scarier to admit this weakness.


A globe of yellow light suspended in mid-air greeted them.

They stared at it for a good five minutes. The globe continued to hover like a dormant fairy. Dark Link scratched his head curiously.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong,” he said drawling, “But wasn’t the Triforce three glowing triangles?”

Sheik nodded dumbly, not even answering his question. Link blinked as if in a trance as he approached the globe carefully. His boots dragged on the ground and he was slowly being blinded by the holy light surrounding the globe. With his right hand, he tentatively stroked the globe of light. It rose into the air, a hum rising in their ears and streams of light poured out, filling the landscape. They shielded their eyes for a brief moment and saw the globe breaking apart to form three gleaming triangles that spun in the air. The triangles hovered on their own for a moment before joining together at the tip. They trembled and the Dark World trembled with them. The Triforce was like a hum, a strand of power tossed into the sky, vibrating on its own frequency.

It is not something to be trifled with.

“It’s here,” Link breathed, “It’s actually here…”

Sheik’s shoulder’s shook in awe. Dark Link lowered his head, unable to make contact with it. His hand unconsciously wandered to his sword.

Link stared at the Triforce. Sheik smiled at Link’s hesitation and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“What are you waiting for?” Sheik said calmly, “I think you’ve waited long enough haven’t you?”

Link swallowed tightly and returned the smile, “Y-Yeah.”

He laid a hand on one of the glowing triangles and spoke his fondest wish.


It was like the bowels of the earth were being carved out in front of them. The screeching and howling of the wind could not be real, yet it was all around them. In Hyrule, they called them ‘omens’. Impa liked to look at it as ‘really bad luck’. It was like all of them had been struck down by the proverbial lightning bolt and all was left was the hammer strike. Chaos flitered through the town daily, the Goron was burying themselves deeper and deeper underground, the Zoras had left the river and moved towards the mountains. Even the Gerudo have left their desert home, pillaging and robbing as they left. The Sheikah remained calm, too calm almost. It was as if they resigned themselves to an unknown fate.

The graveyard of Kakariko collapsed last night.

Impa didn’t know what to do. Hell come hath fire; there was no person to point fingers at. It was unknown and insidious and there was nothing she could do. Ganondorf at least was a being that actually existed. He could bleed.

“Impa…?” a weak voice called out to her. Impa turned her head to see Zelda grasping onto the wall for her dear life. Immediately, Impa ran towards her and helped her onto her feet. Zelda coughed and pushed Impa away. Impa took a step back in shock.

“Your Highness, what—,”

“Do you see it?” Zelda said, whispering drearily, “Do you see it?”

“I see nothing.”

“It’s right there!” Zelda shrieked, pointing to the horizon, “Our end is coming and there’s nothing we can do!” She collapsed against the railing of her balcony, sobbing, “Nothing…nothing…nothing…my Hyrule…”

“Your Highness, you should go back to bed—,”

“And await my death as I lay softly on a feather pillow?” Zelda said sarcastically and softened her eyes at Impa. She turned her face away and stared at the horizon, “Here I stay.”

Impa stayed with her.


It was Ganondorf.

Utterly and inexorably him.

Behind a large mirror, he stared back at them, waiting apparently for Link to make the first move. Link, once more, felt like he was slipping up. He cleared his throat and said quietly, “I—I want to know why.”

Ganondorf cocked his head to the side, his familiar eerie grin reappearing on his face, “Why what?”

“Why did you conquer Hyrule?”

“I thought the answer was obvious,” Ganondorf said coldly, “Didn’t the Sages tell you about my great conquest for power and glory.”

“For someone looking for glory and conquest, your empire was rather low key,” Link countered back, “You always held back. You could have stopped me more efficiently any time during my quest. I have five dungeons to get through. Your minions couldn’t stop me and you knew it.”

Ganondorf smirked, his eyes flashing red, “So you did notice.”




“Did you really think my plan was so short-term?” Ganondorf said, baring his teeth at him, “Did you really think that I had not accounted for my death at your hands? Only a fool would be so foolish.”

“You’re not dead,” Link said, “You were only sealed.”

“Exactly,” Ganondorf said primly, “Only sealed.

It took Link less than five seconds to understand what had happened.

It took Dark Link less than that to stab Sheik in the back.

One for the Band is the angstiest CLC EVER. I keep wanting to cry. T____T CLOUD...
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