Daphne in the wood (bromantic) wrote,
Daphne in the wood

Amusing phone call stories.

Ah, the power of power cuts. THey bring out the most amusing times.

I'm babbling. Here's what happened.
My room mates best friend decided to enlighten us on her knowledge of the world....
....of pranks.

She played this very very 'burst out laughing' prank on the guy.
This is what happened.

Kristy: (in a deep voice) I know what you did last week.
Guy: (calls to his mother) Hey ma? Isn't it I know what you did last summer?
Ma: ....How should I know?!
Guy: (to Kristy) Sorry, but are you doing advertising? I want to join to.
Kristy: (same voice) ....I know what you did last week.
Guy: (to his mom) Hey ma? What did we do last week?
Ma: We stayed home and cooked.
Guy: (back to Kristy) Sorry but we only stayed home.
Kristy: ....Seriously I know what you did last summer and I am going to kill you.
Guy: (calls his ma) Hey ma! This person said he knows what I dfid last week and he's going to kill me.

Ah yes, the helplesness in guys.
When in doubt, ask mom.

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